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  1. Frosty's over, Simms and Walshs banter, I love this scene
  2. I think its something to do with the bitrate. 1080 60 on twitch looks worse than 900 60
  3. Want to preface a short thought, I love Halo music its fantastic. The new background music is super refreshing. Loving the production and the event itself, keep it up :]
  4. Sorry to but in. Had to restart mine a couple of times, and it finally loaded in. After that, it tells me my gold is expiring soon, even though it expires in May. Be careful because this seems real shady
  5. Right now theres a vr stream goin on with 7k people on, where theyre all just chillin out in blood gulch talkin about their Halo memories. I think for the next Halo to truly succeed, we need chill dev btb maps. Places to goof off and hangout with friends, and make fun memories to tell down the line.
  6. Snakebite remembering his teams anniversary is wholesome as he*k
  7. Im glad that HCS is making a rebound after the whole BR/GF catastrophe. Seeing it do better than most warzone variants and team arena is fantastic and a good sign for the future halo events. Quickplay is also great, because the only way I could chill/warmup on my main was either btb or refreshing customs looking for an octagon.
  8. I know its an early season scrim, and that both teams need time to warm back up again, but damn does it make me happy to see that a team with Bubu and Ola together can do very well. This coupled with MLG makes me very excited for the next season :]
  9. 64th but yea The MCC is doing better than both versions of Halo 5, but what's even crazier is both Halo Wars titles are doing better than the main series games. Casual players aren't on Halo 5. They're either on MCC for the gameplay, or Halo Wars/Wars 2 for the visuals. Judging by the fact that its just ahead of Titanfall 2, a game that gets around 7-15k players every weeknight, then that paints a very grim picture for H5. Why do we have 4 flavors of Warzone, and several different social/arena playlists with less the 15k to spread between them. No wonder the servers aren't running well. We are at the end of H5's life cycle, its time to shorten the amount of playlists and keep the core experience going. Maybe instead of switching out one social playlist every few weeks we switch out a couple for the weekend. Something as a middle ground. Just a small suggestion. Why are we having to split playlists that have the exact same purpose, except one of them has extremely outdated settings and less variety than the other (no oddball). Makes no sense with any population size. We've been "discussing" data all week, but the game the data is based on has become completely irrational.
  10. 343 needs to stop using H5 as a beta test for H6. The game was built around Magnum starts and advanced movement. Now 2 years later they gut half the sandbox, and force a starting weapon that is terrible in a high movement environment. They won't put in the effort to forge new maps to test these new settings, so we're stuck playing Halo 5 and a half? Meanwhile we're left in the dark about the next title and the TO. We're also being lied to about how the magnum is OP, and that Overgrowth is balanced. I just want to play the game I spent 60 bucks on, not this floating corpse in an ocean of bad decisions.
  11. Wierd lockout 1v1 reference at OWC just happened. And goldenboy is there
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