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  1. I know we are basking in the glory of H3 this weekend but watching players like Frosty on H5 is an absolute fucking delight.
  2. Renegade and Shotzzy in particular just have absolutely bonkers movement that no one else in the game can touch. TOX has to have basically perfect teamwork and win most of their 1v1s to beat them.
  3. Couldn't tell if that more RNG playing well or Oxygen playing like trash. Either way, RNG coming in hot off a 3-0 is a good way for Optic to start the day and make an LB run.
  4. So awesome to watch Optic continue to pull games out like this because no one can touch their teamwork. Halo is the best.
  5. Rest of Optic: Shit, perfect start for nV. Dadbite, plz save us. Dadbite: OK.
  6. This belly sighting makes me think Ace will continue to evolve and end it by taking off all his clothes on his last hop across the stage if they win grand finals.
  7. So we've got LG vs. nV, Splyce vs. Str8, OG vs. Liquid and then tomorrow is Losers semis, Losers finals and then grand finals? EDIT: Everyone asked this as I did ugh nevermind
  8. Anyone mind providing a quick recap of the winners bracket action? Was unable to keep up at work (my twitter will vouch for this lol). I saw Cratos lost, which is fun.
  9. Speaking from my own experience, I was at MLG Anaheim 2011 coaching friends and by Sunday we were completely exhausted (sleeping on a floor lol) and had to drive back to AZ the same day (I think the event ended around 3-4p local time). That being said, crowds have been super hyped for finals, obviously, but I can't imagine an event like this when it was 10-12 hours for three straight days. Not enough caffeine in the world. Could also be a mic situation as some have said here previously.
  10. If they win G2 I think they do. Coli CTF in G3 yiiiikkkesssss
  11. There's a lot of really talented guys on the teams in that 4th-to-10th cluster he could make a T3 team with. Not sure how anyone outside of Optic, Liquid and maybe Panda could turn him down after worlds.

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