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  1. Splyce were too passive in the last 30 secs of that game
  2. Ur sarcasm game is too strong.... u know we were talking about liquid outside of the game
  3. They show 0 personality to viewers who watch. Nver giving interviews may contribute to that
  4. Im not sure if its going to be shown however im sure 100% that NV are NOT currently playing their match?
  5. I also truly believe that liquid seem content with 2nd and should be more ambitious against optic. In the other hand, envy and potic feels like a much greater true rivalry because of envy's real ambition to defeat optic. Also, snip3down vs lethul rivalry makes envy and optic a better rivalry as liquid seem too innocent as they are friends with optic. OPINIONS?
  6. Shit, EG are down... lets hope for an EG comeback in game 4 and then 5
  7. Why are tgey showing us str8 vs an open team while EG vs lG is offstream??????!!!!!
  8. Cratos and ronin faced splyce this event in pool play friday. http://umgevents.challonge.com/hcsdaytonagroups
  9. I feel as though they are soo incredibly scared of championship monday that they are doing anything to ensure that does not happen this event... we have missed so many great matches so far this event
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