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  1. What major changes have been made to the current build since the PAX build?
  2. Valid points, though I feel like there shouldn't be 5 slayers. OBJ are always much more fun to watch/play and more clutch plays can come out of them. And I'm pretty sure Midship isn't getting remade, and I don't want to see another forge remake of it personally.
  3. I feel like the game could work if there are enough gametypes and, if needed, forge maps. A few gametypes that come to mind for me: Lockout KoTH Lockout Ball Lockout EXT Sanctuary TS Sanctuary Flag Sanctuary Bomb Ascension TS Ascension KoTH Ascension EXT That's already nine out of eleven gametypes with only 3 maps. That doesn't even count the 6th possible map and/or forge. So it could work for the main game if 343 pushes for it. And stop trying to change the way maps are laid out. Unlike the last 3 games, the Halo 2 maps are competitive out of the box so we don't really need to make any changes.
  4. Add WeeGee 4SK (down for any game)
  5. I'll hit you up tomorrow night, haven't played Halo in a while and looking for people to play with.
  6. WeeGee


    Hello good sir
  7. Whats up guys, I'm WeeGee. I've been an avid Halo player for a few years but really started playing in reach. I started playing competitively for a little bit before Halo 4 died down on the tournament scene and I'm looking to get back into it before MCC. If you want to play some games contact me on twitter (@MisterWeeGee) or on XBL (GT: WeeGee 4SK).
  8. add WeeGee 4SK looking to start playing some competitive customs again but down for some more fun games too
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