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  1. Smash 64 is going to be S T A C K E D
  2. This is great, can't wait to watch the stream. Smash 64, Melee and now CE's return using CRT's lol. 2016.. CRT's.. Good shit.
  3. CE + XBC: 100 CE: 9 H2: 7 H3: 5 Reach: 4 H4: 4 H5: 8 Something like that.
  4. Ahh man the projectile debate. What the hell did 343 do to the CE Pistol.......... There are projectile weapons in Halo 5, yet they decide to make the most iconic weapon in Halo that had a stigma of being overpowered, even more overpowered by making it hitscan...... And they ruined the Mk. V armor. Why do Halo devs hate CE so much? lol
  5. Well said Infinity. To touch on radar, I find it interesting how no one who played the DOOM beta complained for its lack of radar, yet we have Halo fans who say it would be the end of the world if they removed it from matchmaking. I think a fair compromise would be to change it to sound/sprint-based radar instead of what we've experienced since 2004. It's a crutch that gimps awareness for lesser skilled players when there are other feedback systems in play to help with that, such as friendly indicators and various audio cues. It's time to move past crouch-walking and running circles around cover.
  6. That's Halo 3 in gener.. What. The. Shit. Get out of my head. I'm just glad there are still people who remember our history. I saw that Naded rant video last night and to see him praise Halo 3 as this highly competitive game in comparison to Halo 5 was................ well.... Let's just say I heavily disagree.
  7. The aiming in DOOM feels smoother than Halo 5. Going back to CE really shows the difference between the Halo games. I want those axes settings for horizontal, vertical and diagonal.
  8. Or turn it to 5 on 10 sensitivity for MAX POWER
  9. Really? Where's it located? Might have to play some BTB later lol.
  10. lmfao threw me off when I saw that in-game Reminded me of 1th as someone pointed out earlier.
  11. I don't know man.. The M6D being hitscan is probably not a good idea for a starting weapon. It's insanely strong and easy to use. And this is coming from a guy who has the M6D in his damn avatar lol
  12. Wait to have this conversation once we get the CE Pistol in my opinion ;]
  13. Radar is the enemy to casual players. It's like giving a metal bat to major league baseball players in general matchmaking lol.. How many clips have we seen where lesser skilled players are oblivious to radar? So I have to ask, who exactly is radar catering to? I'm tired of movement being gimped because of some false catering to people they think need it. People can adapt to a Halo without radar; they already do by playing SWAT! That shitty gametype is one of the more popular playlists and it doesn't have radar.. The instant kill gametype doesn't have radar but regular gametypes do. Feels backwards to me. And to see pro players vote in favor of it is disappointing, to say the least.
  14. Any space in the Spartan Company here? I play a shit ton of Halo 5, so if there are any inactive players then hook it up ;]
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