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  1. I’d be alright with 2020 really. At first the idea annoyed me but I’m not fussed now. What really used to scare me were the rumours that we’d be getting main Halo titles every two years... that just wouldn’t sit well with me.
  2. Yeah this is how I feel. I can’t imagine it going down well at all. Consistent movement mechanics would be a priority for me and then build the maps around that with use of vehicles etc. I might be wrong but I imagine building maps a certain way and then changing movement to fit that from one gametype to another would likely create more grief for 343 than keeping it all sprint or all no sprint.
  3. I keep hearing about the idea of this being some sort of a re-boot. Forgive me for being stupid but would that mean they’d be awkwardly dropping the storyline as if Halo 5 didn’t happen, or do people just mean a re-boot in the sense it would be going more classic Halo in terms of art-style/gameplay?
  4. Do we reckon there might be anything on the Halo tv show we heard about years back or should I not be getting my hopes up right now?
  5. Ah I hope we see some cool stuff, I’ve been excited all day. I need to get a grip
  6. Anyone wana play either campaign or doubles right now? Using a temporary GT: Maah Neighbour. Send me an invite.
  7. For me, Halo 5 is a really awesome game for the most part, but the whole aiming thing makes it almost completely unplayable. I hope 343 do something about it. It's a shame for an entire multiplayer experience to be ruined by one thing.
  8. I'm surprised everyone is saying the campaign was short. It felt quite long to me.
  9. Love the campaign, feel like the multiplayer is fairly decent but not amazing.
  10. The first time I played it, they came at me together, then the second time I played it they came one at a time. Not sure what that's about.
  11. I thought the campaign was amazing. The multiplayer doesn't do much if anything for me but that was definitely my kind of Halo campaign. My issues with this game are very different to Halo 4. With Halo 4 I didn't like the actual gameplay changes but thought it felt fun in terms of shooting and everything, whereas with Halo 5 I love the gameplay changes (apart from sprint and some other stuff) but for some reason the game feels clunky to play in a way that I can't put up with in multiplayer. Either way, I've played the campaign twice already and I think it's my new favourite.
  12. Haha yeah they are big. Not necessary unless you're recording drums. Your keyboard absolutely destroys mine though. Also can anyone explain to this noob (me) what dynamic and static spawns are?
  13. I see your Focusrite audio interface there. Don't be too jealous but I have the 18i20.
  14. And that's perfectly fine. There's nothing wrong with enjoying sprint. The problem comes when people actually deny the effects sprint has on the game. For example you talk about how you enjoy that it allows you to take more risks (or in other words it allows you to get away with bad positioning/decisions more easily if you do end up making them), whereas a lot of people would defend sprint by claiming it doesn't do anything of the sort. But they're not helping their case by denying reality. They should just be honest and say that they enjoy it regardless. But none of that matters now anyway seeing as it's obviously never going away. I don't have the energy any more to care lol.

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