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  1. Westdoor's Fizz :goat: Febiven Cassio Ults
  2. MCC sucks... MCC sucks... game is still broken... XBone is covered in dust... MCC still unplayable... game sucks... 500 less dollars in my bank account... Fuck H5... Still no fun console shooter... I'm gonna go play LoL... feels great
  3. accidentally negged;( this post was gold lmao
  4. Back to League of Legends and Pokemon, never coming back to Halo until I hear there has been a massive overhaul actually making this game playable.
  5. Still doubtful, Hearthstone and LoL have giant viewership compared to Halo. Can't rule it out, tough. Halo is still growing in viewership.
  6. Cloud 9 and Evil Geniuses are more likely I feel since they have multiple games right now (Smash and LoL).
  7. Slayer in the HCS shouldn't be on any other map besides Warlock or a small map IMO. Standoffs happen way too much
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