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  1. I feel like some people rage due to adrenaline, for me i still get the adrenaline rush, it gets me really zoned in and focused instead of wasting it on being upset. I've broken my share of junk before though when i was younger. I know how it is.
  2. Whonix

    OT of Technology

    Yes, the internet of things (IOT) is becoming a scary reality where anything from a toaster oven can be included in a botnet to ddoss a target, to hacking a vehicle and driving them off of the road.
  3. Hey guys. I posted a discussion in the technology sub forum regarding privacy, security and anonymity. I was just curious why it was deleted? I think it is is a great topic to discuss and we should all be aware of the newest exploits that can affect our personal data and servers, as well as educate each other on how to better protect our personally identifiable information online to keep it from being sold to third party data brokers.I thought it would be a great discussion, a lot of people really lack the knowledge of how deep the rabbit hole goes. And should be provided the proper information to help protect themselves. I was also interested if the passwords here are salted and hashed in case of a data breach, and why there is no https version of this site available. I fell like this all pertains to the subject of technology. Would you recommend a different sub forum to post it to? Thanks.
  4. Would not be surprised if it is a rootkit. Download TDSSKILLER, literally it will find the root kit in a minute. Problem solved. Could do a linux live cd full system scan on your hdd while it is totally dormant as well. But I have seen rootkits do this often and its incredibly easy to fix. The linux scan will take much longer because it will scan every sector.. https://support.kaspersky.com/viruses/disinfection/5350
  5. To start it off, this is a great security talk by former TOR dev Jacob Applebaum. The longer his talk goes on, the more intense it gets. It's incredible, highly recommend having a look at if you value privacy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqCJ04PVLo4
  6. For sure dude, you have no idea how calm I am when I play. I play my heart out, but I never rage. And I always try to play to t02s that are better than me in customs until my partners cant take losing anymore. I am very driven to get better. I've gone from a 24 to a 12 going in solo vs t02s in the playlist before too in a single day. Never quit. I honestly don't even look at the score most of the time. If I am winning, I usually quit from boredom or politely ask the others to quit first. I was also sort of fortunate enough to start playing mcc from the start with all the OGs, so I've had the opportunity to play very good players regularly which also helped me step my game up fast. I only ever quit, if my random quits, because it is boring is hell to play to 2v1 when im in the other teams situation.
  7. Just curious, are there any ongoing discussions about privacy/security/anonymity on here? I am an info-sec enthusiast and would love to to get a discussion going about things like TOR, cryptocurrencies, disk encryption, PGP, VPNs, latest vulnerabilities, linux and bsd distros, forensics/anti forensics, anonymity, deannonamyzing TOR users, etc. If anyone wants to get a discussion going post it up! I do not have a degree in infosec, but I find it very interesting and love to study and discuss it. One question to team beyond staff, why isn't this site https? Are our passwords salted and hashed in case of a database breach? What type of security audits have been conducted on this site? Any previous vulnerabilities discovered? Do you give us legal rights to pen test your security for ourselves if we disclose the bugs of course?
  8. Well boys, got in contact with mcdick today. We live semi close. Sounds like I may have a great group of lan players! He said I had potential and would like to teach me! <3 lol
  9. Thanks for the input, I understand. There is a lot to this game. I will keep at it at though.
  10. Organized kao0s (zero id in ka0s) RomanGatwood 2s customs or deri ffa or mm
  11. Hey guys, just wanted to post this and show how much missingnos vids have helped me develop. I plan to compile to the best of both videos into one single montage and polish them up/add music. Never done this before so I hope it turns out okay. If anybody would like to add me for for 2v2 H1, just add organized ka0s (zero in ka0s) or RomanGatwood, I play on both quite a bit. I am not that good, always trying to improve though.I would be willing to help others with what I have learned as well. Just hit me up. Have been getting customs going at all hours of the night lately. https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/5u58nc/shoutout_to_umissingnope/ One thing I have noticed is that a lot of players do not want to take the time learning the game and just want to play it. They get bored with all that there is to learn and give up. But the work is certainly pays off in the end. I hope to attend beach lan 6. I have a few friends that attend and hear it is a blast. To quote missingno, 'I hope this isn't total shit'. lol. Made an initial error posting a clip, it has been fixed. Would love to have some feedback on this. Thanks.
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