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  1. Great question! (oh wait you didn't ask a question) Alright let me explain here. Sharing and allowing a link to congregate through other means is fine. The problem lies when you start to ask for support or to vote up. If you start to see votes coming from a single source that looks really sketchy. Hence the term "manipulation". Sharing is fine. Asking people to support your link and vote it higher is not.
  2. Thanks for helping me get this across. I know a lot of you don't enjoy some of the content that gets posted and you're totally allowed to but I still need to enforce all the rules even if it's about a topic you find important. Especially the ones that cover the entire site. I don't like being in situations like this but I have to judge content equally. Again really appreciate TB staff for understanding and helping explain the situation. For those who enjoy /r/halo on here, I also appreciate the support and for not sending me hate tweets... Jk I love hate tweets
  3. Just responded. Take a look. Nothing to do with the topic of the thread but you indeed broke a site wide rule. I won't be discussing this anymore on Team Beyond but feel free to talk to us in the modmail. edit: I would also tone down the inflammatory comments and spreading the misinformation. You are always in our queue/consistently reported. Remember that people on the other side of the screen are also human.
  4. Souls ain't hard once you get used to how the game works. Dark Souls 2 was relatively easy after doing SL10 Playthroughs in DaS.
  5. I'd rather not stir the pot but honestly with the way Waypoint lists both requests and member lists I can definitely see how they could have clicked the name on accident. I've accidentally removed a few people from the RedditHalo Spartan Company on occasion. Its a real pain in the ass when doing purges of inactive people. Especially when there is literally no sorting options.
  6. Me when someone mentions DBobbins' content...
  7. I won't lie. This is definitely me when I play Halo.
  8. I believe you can actually get a 3SK from hitting a certain part of the back. I have yet to use it on Recurve but in Warzone the Halo CE Pistol is insanely easy (but fun).
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