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  1. Finally decided to make that 'I'm tired of the Solo Queue post'. For the most part I thought playing alone would benefit me, and help me make better decisions in 4v4, not chasing kills, holding positions / reading situations and general map awareness, as well as relying on individual skill etc. Anyway, I'm a low Onyx kid, looking for one or two players or even a full squad to run with/chill. I'm from London (yeah ik, EU bad kid etc), so i'm pretty sure that rules out most of the west coast, FeelsBadMan - anyway, if you're facing the same problems as me (not winning games due to lack of coordination) then feel free to send a message my way (i implore you!) Gamertag: CHILD1SH X edit: should mention that H5 is the first Halo game i've invested time into the MP, started from a silver kid, now we're here! (Still a Fighting Game / Anime Fighter kid) at heart
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