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  1. High praise from the Doc https://clips.twitch.tv/ShakingKawaiiWrenchHeyGuys
  2. I've been looking forward to this. Cant wait to see how little effort he puts into this interview.
  3. Im so excited to try this game without spartan charge and ground pound. Those are the 2 things I've been wanting them to get rid of since i first started playing this game. Me and 3 or 4 of my friends all stopped playing H5 cuz of all the bullshit and we're all super pumped to try it out again.
  4. When you understand that he sold majority it all makes sense. When all this happened he made it sound like he sold a small part. He made it sound like he was in control still and this was purely an investment. Idk what the FUCK he thought was gonna happen when he sold more than 50%. Safeguards? how naive can you be. Hope the LoL team was worth it.
  5. Feels like they're leaning on "Champs or bust" too much and they're just not trying. They do the dumbest shit and lose because of it.
  6. I think TOX threw those 2 games just so they could get some practice on Empire Strongholds.
  7. Renegades is playing like they actually practiced before the event how bout that.
  8. R9K is the worst twitch idea in the history of twitch ideas.
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