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  1. That has to be a serious prollum Lol good luck on that though... Lol
  2. Tho this is exciting... Lol good lookin out on the page hype! ...
  3. These 're like artifacts of everyone's own storytelling complete in every way...
  4. Halo 3 Nuff said... I like the aspects as well as the British accents...
  5. Interesting post... When does anyone play I'd like to see it play tho... Lol
  6. What is this I've never seen this... Lol....
  7. Never really played it heard it is fun... Lol any takers on playing it and
  8. Interesting thread good feedback and resource knowledge glad to have read it... Lol
  9. Good find... glad to see you had help... Lol
  10. Dana Brooks Lol... no but seriously I'm not even sure of what else... Lol
  11. Any good phones y'all recommend for cheap prices? Lol
  12. Add BangsnipE if you want to play games... Lol

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