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  1. He can't compete until he is 18 next year so they will be playing without him.
  2. *Cough* *Cough* https://clips.twitch.tv/PeacefulFurtiveFalconTTours
  3. Does anyone else feel like this is a 2006 national champs re-enactment, we might as well call Splyce Carbon and Tox Final Boss.
  4. could just be your temp file for windows, if you have another hard drive you can move the temp file location and free up space on your main drive.
  5. Hitch said after vision that when they move to dallas they will have a bigger media team. The move is the reason they haven't had as much event coverage in vision recently, hopefully it will be fixed after they move.
  6. I really hope 343 give ESL another try they are nice guys after all! Also on to start the discussion of settings please bring back automatics precision shooting is just boring and average. Oh and keep sprint for halo 6, it ruins my immersion when a super soldier cant run lmao.
  7. https://news.xbox.com/2017/09/27/watch-beyond-the-sticks-on-mixer/ The hcs reality series starts today at 5pm PT. Pro league starts at around 4pm
  8. This is BIG. Well done 343 finally treating halo right putting some actual effort into their work
  9. Lol but I did say Blizzard, that was about everquest which Blizzard wanted to compete against iirc The difference is he doesn't have to work with the guy he called a chimp chained to a cubicle. Same goes for 343 who don't have to work with the guy who said they don't deserve their job.
  10. The thing is he wasn't just criticising them he also levied insults at them. Just three months ago he said "no one at 343 deserves their job" he also has a deeper history of saying stupid unprofessional stuff as well. His talent shouldn't disregard these things. Did Jeff Kaplan ever insult Blizzard or their employees, I don't know for sure but I doubt it. Like I said before, it sucks and it shouldn't have gone down like this I wish he could have gotten hired and provided great content for halo however I don't see 343i being in the wrong for this. TLDR: Don't insult a company and their employees and expect to get hired. Insulting isn't being critical it's being an idiot.
  11. After catching up on the situation I don't think 343 are in the wrong tbh. Yes they shouldn't have offered the job in the first place and should have done the background research themselves instead of some randoms digging up info. Imo it wasn't about the fact that he criticized them but it was the manner in which he did it. I wouldn't expect to be hired at a company if I have a track record of trashing them, saying rude things about them and their decisions and saying no one deserves their job there 3 months before you wanted to be hired. Overall this situation sucks for everyone and I know my point of view is controversial here but I really think 343's decision is par for the course.
  12. I'm suprised this hasn't been posted yet some halo content from xbox coming out.
  13. They've been popping in and out of the store for me. I haven't been able to download the legendary pack yet but the others were up for a bit.
  14. It was like the first free game in games with gold and has been free again as well. I think I have it digitally because of that.
  15. He seems to have asked EG and they haven't been paid https://twitter.com/TomRyanOGRE2/status/909934394478956544
  16. Hopefully we can get a major event in London hosted by Gfinity please 343
  17. The DHATL credits showed some job roles in it. Notable roles ESPORTS Lead - Elizabeth Van Wyck Esports Producer - Tashi I don't see Bravos name anywhere and heres a link to the vod timestamp https://www.twitch.tv/videos/161493492?t=47m11s
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