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  1. the "debate" itself is pointless and embarrassing for all sides involved.
  2. i feel like im on auto pilot when i play h2a. game is boring and ugly as fuck to look at besides warlord.
  3. you don't have to hide your feelings, just call her an asshole lol we're all assholes anyway let's be honest
  4. The thing about Multi posts is that I'm still enticed to read them past the first 3 sentences even if I think what he's saying is stupid.
  5. none of you people know how to write let's just make that extremely fucking clear
  6. They will actually have no excuse to not have restrictions in Infinite. I still don't see why party matching can't be a toggle. I'd be more than willing to wait the extra few minutes to get a fair match in MCC.
  7. big yikes guys you don't understand i just like the OBTUSE reactions you all reply to me with idgaf about any of this despite my daily visits and mountains upon mountains of text haha lmao >:^)))
  8. I wish I could absorb your guys' writing stamina for the sake of my own education. Such a waste.
  9. Again, BTB map designed for no Sprint =/= Sprint on that map works just because it's big.
  10. "I KNOW the game needs them but, I-I just keep DYING to them! What am I doing wrong!? You know what? No. It's not me, it's the GAME! Yes! I've done it! I've big-brained 10+ years of competitive Halo! How could anyone have not seen this sooner! Big rocket go bang-bang me go WTF that not my BR how I supposed to fight that what the frick!? Unfair game dumb stupid should be BR yes BR only skill to the max mmm yes :^)"
  11. This reminds me of that "Two Babies Arguing" video.
  12. Yeah that's cool and all, but what if we had a utility weapon that shot straight and actually hit people?
  13. aliens want to go to space heaven and chair guy wants to be god to do this, aliens must activate thing that kills many other things (not true but is believed to be) humanity wants to live, so they try and stop aliens aliens see humanity as a threat to their goal, so they try to wipe them out It really isn't that hard people. Stop overthinking it.
  14. Can we bring back Sniper/Rocket ammo?
  15. In that case, I may need to hire you as a translator.
  16. Are you implying that you have any semblance of an idea of what Arlong says?

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