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  1. I grinded the gold skins in unmodified Heroic Classic Firefight because I am just that bored.
  2. Personally I liked BO2's AA levels, they are noticeably lower than the CoDs before and after. BO3 having no AA on snipers was also a pretty good call.
  3. Even a little "343 Approved" sticker with a possible pin on the browser for a privately run server would do so much.
  4. What a great addition to the conversation thanks for the input. EDIT: Nice to know the post with actual substance and time put in gets yeeted for no real reason. This is why I don't take forum mods seriously.
  5. Where in that sentence did I say people can't enjoy playing what they want to play (at least I think that's what your rambling is referring to I honestly can't tell)? What you quoted is addressing the need to feel confident in what you make and not sacrifice your authenticity to appeal to a majority. That's like telling devs they should make their games completely vapid on purpose in order to appeal to as many people as possible. Are you seriously telling me it doesn't matter what the person making the game thinks so long as the majority accepts it? Reamis (Arlong), dude, I get your shtick is to be as absolutely oblivious as possible. I don't personally find it very funny, more sad if anything, but my God is what you've been saying a whole new level of brain dead. Like, you mind enlightening us on what we're doing wrong with our custom settings? I'm honestly interested, because as far as I'm concerned the majority is going to favor the main game first and foremost. Custom settings, especially ones made to speed up the game and make it more competitive, are meant to appeal to a minority from the get-go. Why the fuck would you tamper with the original intentions of what you're making to grab a few more sets of eyes? The people you're literally trying to appeal to are more than likely already satisfied with what they're playing. Which again, I need to reiterate to you that competitive community settings are specifically made for those who favor the values and intentions put forth by the creator and whatever they are inspired by. This has been the case since the beginning of MLG. Do you not understand that many variations of settings have gotten the attention of pros and semi-pros alike? It's very likely those settings in question are completely different from the base game which is the entire point of their creation (not agreeing with design decisions made by devs like weapons, movement, maps, etc.). Why would people who practice the base game want to overhaul something to the point of it being almost entirely different? News flash; it's more than likely not what they signed up for. In the past, competitive players of all ranges from run-of-the-mill to pro appreciate the effort and understand what the project's primary goals are. You can still support something without wanting it to take over the entire game. Community settings have never been made to solely gain the support of pros. If the project becomes popular as a result of that attention that's fantastic, but it certainly isn't something considered in the design process. Maybe this is where the disconnect arises, because it seems you've spawned this idea that we close ourselves off on purpose. This is not true. We open our arms to as many people as possible to stop by and give what's made a try. If they don't like it, fine, they can go back to what they were enjoying before. If they do, great, they can continue playing and have a swell time. Creating a supported playlist and or receiving shout-outs from developers and prominent figures alike to maximize potential players are welcome down the line, but it shouldn't directly influence the content being made purely for the sake of those things. These "niche" settings are by design made to be different from what's expected, people with moderate thinking skills understand this. No creator is going to willingly sacrifice integrity to gain extra downloads; it defeats the entire purpose of its initial creation.
  6. Throwdown v5 (or just v5 settings). Mostly everything could be found under Ghostayame's GT. Unofficially there's the Top Mid/EU no sprint settings that were made at the tail end of H4 but even I can't find where to get those files.
  7. I really enjoyed reading this. I just shared it with two of my friends who don't typically go out of their way to read in-depth stuff like this but are interested in the topic.
  8. Soul we're on Team Beyond not the death screen of a CoD campaign.
  9. well yeah I'd just switch over to KBM and pwn chumps like you epic style
  10. yeah it should probably be toned down for console and PC I liked how pistol/snipe felt in GP
  11. Pris, Dammy, Downrush are top 3 IMO. Exhibit, Imminent, and Atlas are up there too. I don't like Chilly and I hate Derelict. Sorry not sorry.
  12. Fact: Halo was designed around gamepad controls/mechanics. Opinion: I have no remorse shitting on KB&M players. Either embrace the aim assist and stick to your aiming superiority or gtfo.
  13. Yes, one of the biggest reasons they didn't use it was the lack of a planting progress notification/audio queue. They wanted to copy the H2 Neutral Assault system, which we just consider competitive bomb, but couldn't since H3 Assault was designed around instant plants and diffusing. There were two primary methods used in testing to alleviate the issue of stealth scoring which was to either have a longer plant time or to have the bomb carrier constantly marked like Oddball. Neither option satisfied and the mode was unfortunately abandoned (from what I can tell at least). Personally I wouldn't mind retesting the Oddball method as it'd barely make a difference on smaller maps like Midship. Bomb gets slept on a lot despite being considered a staple mode. IMO it needs more justice since you have to remember it was only officially used in H2, Reach, and H2A.
  14. I honestly didn't mind the audio portion of the weapon pad system. It's kind like the NHE countdowns but not as constant. I'm indifferent towards the text visual on the left side of the screen and intro shots, but let's try and stay far away from constant on-screen locators.
  15. So 19 and 16 years is too much but 13 years isn't? Is this like a fine line situation or what? You know there are people as old as H3 that play modern Halo, right?

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