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  1. Nope. 60+ on BO3, Doom 2016, Champions, MCC, any Vale title, Skyrim, Fallout 4, DS3, Siege, any of the new Wolfensteins, UT4, etc. All I'm running is a GTX 1070 with an i5 6600 and 16 gigs of ram. And even if settings are on say high rather than max it's still way better than anything I've played on console.
  2. I've been running the same 900$ build since 2015 with no upgrades and can still play most things at max settings. Dedicating half a day's worth of work to the big boy equivalent of a Lego set is worth the near flawless 5+ year return. Better everything, no subscriptions, every plus of a PC. Stop wasting money and invest you cowards.
  3. "More affordable" = Barely. The extra few hundred is worth it anyway for both the quality and longevity. Modern consoles are low-end PCs without all the benefits of also being a PC. Nowadays people purchase the same peripherals no matter the platform bar a mouse and keyboard too. "All-in-one UI" = This is basically a non-issue, especially since the Xbox UI is janky garbo. The most you'd have to do is swap launchers for certain games, which barely matters since it's both easy and uncommon due to the majority of the time you'll be on Steam. The desktop is your all-in-one UI. "Pick-up and play capacity" = Never really understood this one. Boot times are almost identical with PCs having the potential to boot faster. My PC has Windows on a basic hard disc and either boots up around the same time or faster than my One X. SSDs are very common nowadays and no doubt provide way faster boot and general load times. After that you just go to your library or click on your desktop icons. "Easy to setup" = Also never really got this one. I could understand if you're building it yourself or you commonly travel and want to bring your system, but past that general sit-down play is pretty much the same. If you couch game casually and want to play on a giant flat screen then sure a console is easier to squeeze somewhere and navigate with a gamepad. If you play on a monitor and or play sitting up close at a desk or something there is no excuse. You plug in the same amount of shit. "Game Pass" = I guess. This one is mainly preference though in all honesty I prefer Steam sales. Bigger library and you actually own what you buy no matter what. I could make this post 3x longer to go over all the advantages but we all know that stuff by now.
  4. It's a possibility since the latest flight snuck forge monitor models into the files alongside a bunch of other stuff from H3.
  5. no guys it'd be a sweet bungie reference
  6. Are we seriously at the point where H3 players are being called boomers?
  7. That comment chain is one of the worst things I've read in a while.
  8. Nah idc they helped Buck and Romeo link up with Dutch and Mickey. They also have cool armor.
  9. Must have hit you by an inch. Could be wrong but you can see the tip of what seems to be a back-holstered weapon near the middle of the corner.
  10. Didn't know Bungie said that too, that's pretty dumb. Guess 343 wins this round.
  11. Reminder that 343 flipped the terminology which only makes the discussion in the Halo community unnecessarily more confusing.
  12. I grinded the gold skins in unmodified Heroic Classic Firefight because I am just that bored.
  13. Personally I liked BO2's AA levels, they are noticeably lower than the CoDs before and after. BO3 having no AA on snipers was also a pretty good call.
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