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  1. Even a little "343 Approved" sticker with a possible pin on the browser for a privately run server would do so much.
  2. What a great addition to the conversation thanks for the input. EDIT: Nice to the post with actual substance and time put in gets yeeted for no real reason. This is why I don't take forum mods seriously.
  3. Throwdown v5 (or just v5 settings). Mostly everything could be found under Ghostayame's GT. Unofficially there's the Top Mid/EU no sprint settings that were made at the tail end of H4 but even I can't find where to get those files.
  4. I really enjoyed reading this. I just shared it with two of my friends who don't typically go out of their way to read in-depth stuff like this but are interested in the topic.
  5. Soul we're on Team Beyond not the death screen of a CoD campaign.
  6. well yeah I'd just switch over to KBM and pwn chumps like you epic style
  7. yeah it should probably be toned down for console and PC I liked how pistol/snipe felt in GP
  8. Pris, Dammy, Downrush are top 3 IMO. Exhibit, Imminent, and Atlas are up there too. I don't like Chilly and I hate Derelict. Sorry not sorry.

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