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  1. That is like the last reason it should be ditched lol
  2. Ok I'll stream it. Was just trying to make Basu's life easier when he uploads it to the GPMA channel.
  3. First of all that not true. And I don’t disagree with getting whipped, just not by the likes of you. It’s just that I’d prefer getting whipped by those who understand how to balance a sandbox. That’s all I’ve started talking about. The competitive players are the only ones that are more aware of both sides compared to social players. Social players like yourself don't know what they they want jackass.
  4. Imagine not being able to compare stats on a competitive Halo forum.
  5. Here's a crazy thought; what if autos were supposed to be bad at longer ranges? Almost like they're meant for shorter ranges or something. What if like, you could still make a balanced sandbox, but not give autos and melee weapons ADS? Wait nvm that wouldn't be fair since all weapons have to work in all scenarios otherwise what's even the point lmbo.
  6. First two. Basically what the Splinter should have been. I'd also make Frags have a resting fuse like CE.
  7. Brute and GL are more interesting and less repetitive. H3 had it perfect, the only thing I'd want is for Fire Bombs to actually be used.

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