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  1. Relay my post if it's meant for a different guy, I have never seen you post here so my b.
  2. Trust me little guy, we understand them just fine. It's why we stick to good settings. Then again, who am I to say anything? I absolutely love not being able to contest anything off spawn! It's so much fun! Power weapons are supposed to be POWERFUL to the millionth degree! It's actually amazing to epicly PWN noobs with on-map BRs/DMRs while enemies have no means of fighting back! Um, it's earned because I FOUND it learn to control weapons better haha :^) If that's what you think Halo should be, keep it far the fuck away from me. Also big fat LMAO at saying vehicles fall under "mid-to-short-range combat". Have you ever piloted a Scorpion, Chain Gun Hog, or Gauss Hog? Have we been playing the same games? Seriously dude, put your inability to preform aside for one second at look at the game as a whole.
  3. This really should be patched ASAP if what you're saying is true. Kind of fucked for the people who want to learn the rotation. People may start deleting more popular maps and in turn fucking the experience further. However, I doubt this is the case because when people did this in Eldewrito their game would crash when whatever deleted map was selected. If there are that many cry babies, 343 should consider adding a "search for only these maps" option like in CSGO.
  4. Anniversary Ranked would have been a logical decision. Like seriously, there are only 2 playlists in Ranked and 1 is Invasion.
  5. Hey guys! There's a new playlist over on Hal... actually, fuck it never mind.
  6. too big, too segmented, and low grav made they middle a death trap.
  7. I don't think any of the mentioned maps would play Ball very well. Granted, it has not been tested that much, but even then I doubt much would come out of it. If we want a spot for the mode, I would reccomend enlisting some senior Forgers to point us towards some MLG Ball maps that went under the radar. Warlock was in v4. It was replaced with Element in v5. I have no clue where any of this "Element was in a 1v1 playlist..." business came from, if anyone could fill me in on that feel free. If we are looking for a 4-way symm, Element is our best bet. However, if we are talking Slayer, I'm sure we could find something better. For those who are still considering Warlock: • It's a remake we've seen in comp a million times. We have more options now so I can't stand behind the "If it ain't broke don't fix it" mentality (which might not even be valid because...) • It has potential spawning and portal issues. • The aesthetics are slightly outdated when put up to other Forge maps. It looks pretty ugly in some spots.

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