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  1. NHE is the only respectable CE multiplayer and even then is extremely niche for a reason.
  2. I'll take it over IRL face-disfiguring splash damage and fatal BXBs to the abdomen. Oh yeah plus we get better connection when playing Halo lol.
  3. I'm still out here hoping for the Transport Hog to come into MP. ED doesn't count, though it's only made me want it in an official game even more. Infinite would be ideal, then again I wouldn't mind it making its way into MCC Reach. On that note, we need more campaign vehicles in Forge. Troop Hogs, Chain Gun Falcons, Forklifts, Pelicans, etc. I've always wanted to have a Sabre dogfight in Forge World, so many mini-game opportunities.
  4. Not being able to walk or have big enough hands to hold a controller might have had something to do with it.
  5. You're a Staff Captain stop quoting me.
  6. That's rich coming from the glorified laughing stock. Poor guy can't even use the right you're*. :^(
  7. Am I the only one shitting bricks over that sandbag replacement? I wonder if they cleaned up the tele area in the Hardcore variant. What about the sandbags on Countdown? I need answers.
  8. 1. Bo4's TTK is the longest in the franchise. 2. Weapons generally still outclass each other in Bo4 (god-tier weapons locked behind the battlepass btw) and is still very much who sees who first. 3. Bo4 had Mesh Mines which are arguably worse than claymores. 4. Shotguns are barely usable right now. They are only effective in barrel-stuffing range and need to be decked out in order to be useful anywhere else. 5. Sniper zoom-in is fine and probably has attachments that increase the speed anyway. 6. Heavy attachment customization is dumb and only adds more useless factors to gunfights. We need to go back to 2 attachments for primaries and 1 for secondaries with Bling and perk substitutes coming back from MW1 and 2.
  9. Hemorrhage played like dog shit stop kidding yourself. Ignoring everyone's valid arguements and continuously saying "yeah, it just played well" with no elaboration whatsoever really shows how bad you are at this whole discussion thing.
  10. By that logic Blood Gulch is the best map in Halo. Try again.
  11. Timberland/Ridgeline, Headlong/Breakneck, Burial Mounds, Terminal, Longshore, Rat's Nest, various Sandbox maps, Tempest, various Forge World maps. If you had a single clue how map scaling works you'd understand that "duuuh that map big" doesn't automatically mean sprint makes it work or play better. All the same principles of lower player count map design still apply to varying degrees. The only new factor is working in vehicle routes and infantry interaction. While all of the maps I mentioned range in how "good" they are, none of them are shit and have distinct goals of balancing both types of routes. And for the record I've played Ragnarok, ElDewrito Valhalla, and Viking. I can tell you without a doubt sprint ruins those maps.

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