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  1. Listen guys I understand we're in a bit of a drought, but are we seriously arguing about Radar in comp? Like really? That's some Waypoint shit right there.
  2. Why would they make CE and 3 hitscan on PC that literally makes no sense.
  3. I've been following development since the release of 0.5, you're wrong. Ask any dev you fool.
  4. Incorrect, the BR was hitscan it just had bloom.
  5. Coming from you this is actually very funny.
  6. Really though Hardway, I don't think some salty exchanges in an H5 lobby and on a thread is enough to be pushing these guys away.
  7. yeah you better run you little ant, i call that the scared baby effect.
  8. Welcome to the "I'm Trying Not to Make My High School Psychology Class Seem Like a Waste of Time" show. Today we'll be showing people that I'm aware of the Dunning-Kruger effect and know what it means.
  9. You guys are average at best if we're talking about playing on one of your roller coaster-like frame drop fests (and purely because of the fact that you've dumped countless amounts of hours into making them of course). Outside of H5 is kind of yikes to say the least. What's also kind of yikes is how you point fun at Beast's name when you proceed to unironically sport a "lol epic" profile picture of Rick and fucking Morty LMAO. "HAHAHAH he said BENDIGO in a funny accent HAHAHA!!1!!1" See? It's not hard to point fun at these things my guy. Bonus points for coming out of the pitch black dark solely to support and up-vote Multi's posts btw, really stuck it to 'em! Feel free to keep playing the "let me stoop to their level since they can't comprehend my TRUE big brain opinions" card, I'm sure that won't back fire again like it literally just did. Hit-scan is superior in just about every way, all you need to do to understand that is to step out of that "I-I-I-I know better pffft, it's clearly obvious DUH! Why even bother with these kids haha" mentality you have going there.

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