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  1. Epilogue can play some ok 1-Flag if the teams aren't completely unbalanced. But that's Epilogue, fuck Epitaph.
  2. Probably CE if we're counting NHE.
  3. Well, it's purely based on the whole nade hitmarkers giving free info thing. The indicators just take up space and get super annoying considering you can throw 8 nades at someone pretty quickly. I wouldn't mind kill markers like in H5, they're actually pretty neat, but we really have to ditch hitmarkers for Infinite.
  4. Yeah ask him why he felt the need to allow nade hitmakers and indicators to carry over from H4.
  5. just remembered why i never go on waypoint
  6. I'm feeling both pity and frustration, what a strange combination.
  7. Wow, it's almost like we had options to alleviate those problems but didn't for the sake of nostalgia and H3's "anniversary". That H3 playlist was a mess for multiple reasons. We needed custom no sprint settings made to deal with H5's sandbox on original maps (or even modified dev maps) with no sprint in mind. It's completely possible, but no one chooses to make it so. Evolved and even Old School got so close, but dissolved into petty bias for stupid inclusions and unneeded adjustments. That combined with poor managment and lack of commitment led to both of their downfalls.
  8. If Pit and Countdown are bad than so is Sanc, Midship, and every other symmetrical map.

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