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  1. ZBNS is like a whole different game. For those who skipped Reach or quit early, I highly reccomend trying it out. v7 or Gold Pro, both are great.
  2. See, the difference is every Shield/Health system has been either great or fine. Not a very fair comparison.
  3. The current DMR is too strong for BTB, Recon or not.
  4. We've all been saying this for years yet here we are.
  5. Anyone that prefers vanilla deserves to suffer tbh. They can cross their arms and pout as long as they need to until they see the error of their ways. While I probably won't even be playing anything other than v7, making the majority of Reach TU is undeniably a good call.
  6. Or that they don't even fully understand what TU is and just want what they've been playing. We must inform the uninformed.
  7. Bloom is still bloom, but to say TU's 85% doesn't make a difference is insane. That plus Armor Lock nerf made the game pretty playable. Was is good? I'd play it over 4 and 5, but it's still pretty shit. Just play ZBNS, plain and simple.
  8. I would have hated the seasons system if content became locked after a season ends. Everything stays, you just need to go through one set at a time (I think you can choose which you want to do), which I personally think is cool.
  9. TU: All Arena modes (Ranked + Match Composer) including: Slayer, SWAT, Team Snipers, BTB, FFA, and Obj. (CTF, KotH, Ball, Bomb, Stockpile, etc.) *DMR starts will be weighted more than AR starts in TS *Unclear for Action Sack, though this really doesn't matter of course Vanilla: Invasion, Grifball, and Infection *Standard Invasion will be ranked, but Inv. Slayer and Skirmish will be in the Match Composer *Dev Invasion maps will be weighted more than Forge Invasion maps *Infection is being tested with TU ZBNS: Hardcore/v7 *Obviously ranked alongside Invasion *Possible line-up changes going off of how "pro feedback" was worded, could mean nothing though Misc: *Map/mode/playlist rotation isn't going to strictly abide by how it is in legacy Reach, not too many details on this besides the general TU focus *TU and Anniversary modes will be built-in with vanilla modes in customs Regarding the recent Reach MM details for MCC ^^ Here's the whole blog. I recommend reading into the MM and progression stuff. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/mcc-development-update-may-2019
  10. H3 and Reach's AR was more than fine as a secondary paired with the BR/DMR.
  11. He easily could have just fell back on the tweet being posted on April Fools.
  12. Hmm, that would make sense. However, judging by the way Gordon worded his OP it sounded like he did make files for those modes. I don't have a 360 with me anymore, so I suppose I'll just have to wait until I find someone who saved them. On a related note, 343 should seriously consider adding new options to Reach customs so we don't have to deal with this kind of problem while still being able to mimic the current state of the game. "TU Features = On/Off" "Precision Weapon Bloom = 100%/85%/0%" "Magnum Damage = 5sk/3sk" If anyone can pass this on to someone higher up by all means do so, these options would be a win-win.

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