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  1. I'd have Reach's health system with H2's wait times and recharge speeds.
  2. Spit-balling numbers here but if we are talking H3 on good connection: 90-100% in close range 80-100% in mid to mid-long range 70-90% in long range The spread affects these numbers the least. Primary culprits are how well I'm leading or if MCC wants to be gay and negate my shots every now and again. I actually get worse shot reg in H5 so I could honestly deal with it. However, I will admit it more has to do with my aim assist breaking once I pop someone's shields than actual blank shots.
  3. In a game about shooting people I'd prefer to be able to do it 100% of the time while moving at the intended max movement speed.
  4. Wow I feel like I've heard this somewhere.
  5. Maps and movement over the utility for me. H3 host BR (ideally LAN) would be just fine if I had to choose something "less reliable". In a perfect world I'd have the Reach ZB DMR, though.
  6. I say keep assassinations and the option to disable them like H5. Let the casuals have their fun, just let me back-smack the old fashioned way. Assassinating has its perks believe or not... 1. They look cool in trailers and other media 2. Yoinking is funny (bring back the medal and voice line 343) 3. Showstopping is both funny and cool 4. Doing 2 and 3 actually helps your teammates stay alive longer (though you shouldn't have to Yoink if your teammate is smart) I suppose I'm biased since I love Showstopping and Yoinking. Felt so nice back in Reach because of how Jeff delivered his lines. Speaking of which, can we please bring back how Jeff sounded in H3/Reach? Hands down the best version of the announcer. The shield recharge noise gives me a little bit of hope for something like this.
  7. How about we just focus on getting back blood before gore? Baby steps people remember who we're dealing with here. Not to mention having gore tied to anything other than the Flood would look way out of place in the game's current art style. Maybe in Reach's art style (as we will soon see in Gears 5), but not anything else we've seen so far.
  8. today i wiould to shre you guys an idea i have regarging the state of halo 6. i have a revioluationry idea that even boyos little tiny insignigigant mid cannnot even fathom. we are in desperite need of new ideas for this as 343 hasnt anything besides a mega bloks lookin ass master chief. my idea is to craft and gernade (or throwable for those who prefer that word) that taps into a mechnaic seens since shellshock halo reach. I call it the throbing grenade. the way it works (essentialy) is wheen the throwable makes contact with the foe on the enemy team (consisting of many foes) it will transfer a loud throbbing feeling through the players headset which will make them feel doozzy. tbey will more than likely put their controllewr down to an asprin. tthis i believe to be a good idea as is allows teams to converge with less opposition oppsing them as most fopes do. thanks for listening to my feedback and please cionsider subscribing to your favorite martian or (as some of you him as THIS PROJECT HAS RETIRED) ok thank you guys halo shouldn't have power weapons.
  9. I've always wanted to be a Pelican pilot in MP.
  10. I'm confused is this not the right place to reminisce about Halo?
  11. I'm honestly getting more and more bummed about MCC recently. I suppose I've felt this way before but this time in particular It's really hitting hard. I'm not going to lie, my competitive experience with Halo has developed and landed me in an extremely awkward spot. My first Halo was 3, but back then I was purely a social player. I'd play TS with absolutely no intentions of adopting a sweaty style of play. I enjoyed winning and learning how to get an edge over others, but past that nothing really mattered. I didn't become competitively active until Reach, but as we all know the game was riddled with flaws and probably not the best Halo to start trying hard in. Me understanding things like design and balance didn't really start until late Reach when I began to play ZBNS with some buddies in customs and MM. However, because Reach was the way it was I never got legitimate first hand experience with a 1-50 ranking system or other great features like party matching. When Halo 4 came out I only stuck around for like 3 months. Eventually I hit a point when I felt the game wasn't being fair to me or the people I played against which led me to grow a vast disliking for the game and 343 alike. With all the CoD nonsense, harsh art style, and no true competitive support I went back to Reach for a short while. Unfortunately the MLG playlist was slowly flat-lining and I lost contact with most of the people I teamed with. MCC really seemed like the holy grail. Even though I had limited knowledge I always loved looking back at old MLG footage from H3 and H2. I respected the depth both games offered and yearned to be apart of the community when it was all alive and well. With MCC coming soon I was extremely hyped to try my hand at MLG in H3 and H2 hoping to devote the majority of my time gaming to those two games exclusively. No point in sharing details on the anger and initial disappointment with MCC's release, we've been there and back a million times by now. I didn't even get the game until the beginning of 2015 right around when 343 was handing out their "compensation". Even then the game was borderline unplayable but I still managed to get a ton of games in on H3. Poor registration, bugs, and matching aside I had a ton of fun being able to play the game with the mindset I developed throughout MLG Reach. For the majority of 2015 I primarily played H3 on MCC. Throughout that time I was exposed to many admirable players and content creators who weren't afraid to openly criticize 343 and talk about the shortcomings of MCC. I learned a lot about the older games which only pushed me further to get better at them. But even with the good amount of time I put into each game, it was (and very much still is) extremely disheartening to know in the back of my mind the games weren't functioning like they were supposed to. It constantly felt like my time put in was void in many ways considering how much healthier the original versions used to both play as well as sustain good players. To this day there's a part of me that feels this way despite how much better I've become throughout all my time with MLG MCC, H5 classic customs, and Hardcore Eldewrito. The ideal Halo I've always wanted to play is long dead and gone. What sucks the most is that when it was all happening I was aimlessly walking around in Social Slayer without a care in the world. MCC could have been the second wind I've always wanted, but now I'm just chasing every opportunity I can get to somewhat relive what it truly meant to play actual Halo the way it was supposed to be played. These missing features would have been such a huge drive to push myself further. Well, that and being surrounded by like-minded players who want to achieve the same goal. So with all that said you can sort of see the situation I'm in. A Reach kid turned classic Halo fan who has never had the chance to obtain his fair share of 50s. I've never been to any LANs, never made any montages, and haven't had a dedicated group of people to grind MM with since 2011. I'm hoping soon enough MCC can legitimately become the ideal hub for classic Halo. With all that we've had to endure with early MCC and H5 coupled with my low expectations for Infinite, I really feel like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place as a new age classic fan. ZBNS on MCC Reach will for sure be a breath of fresh air. But then again IDK man, the game as a whole still just has a bunch of problems and missing features.
  12. Ranked is full of parties, expect to get shit on if you don't socialize with your entire team. I think the bigger problem here is the lack of party matching. I know it's a broken record but I feel like we underestimate how important that shit is. You guys should be matching solos and duos not 3s and 4s.

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