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  1. people need to be playing halo before any of this can be properly implemented lol
  2. This is how I've felt about the Halo community for a little while now.
  3. if you think power weapons have no skill factor you probably think halo takes little to no skill either. if so, that's fine, just dont go thinking you can have one opinion without the other.
  4. In other news, Treyarch continues to be outdone by their own community... First time I've been genuinely excited for something in a while, let alone it being associated with CoD.
  5. cool story bro it's fan fiction
  6. MLG's rules were pretty much that, 2 rounds with unlimited caps.
  7. One Flag needs justice in comp. It's a shame that H3 and Reach tried it and dropped the mode early on.
  8. Oh it's a stretch all right, a completely unnecessary one I might add.
  9. Maps are intentionally designed to move players in certain ways. Clamber ruins old maps and makes scaling for new ones an extreme annoyance. You don't need the game to hold your hand for poor decisions (AKA you deserved to fall off Lockout all those times). Accidental suicides are just one example as it also severely devalues all types of trick and crouch jumps. It may not initially seem that big of a deal, but all things considered Clamber is basically just vertical Sprint.

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