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  1. just remembered why i never go on waypoint
  2. I'm feeling both pity and frustration, what a strange combination.
  3. Wow, it's almost like we had options to alleviate those problems but didn't for the sake of nostalgia and H3's "anniversary". That H3 playlist was a mess for multiple reasons. We needed custom no sprint settings made to deal with H5's sandbox on original maps (or even modified dev maps) with no sprint in mind. It's completely possible, but no one chooses to make it so. Evolved and even Old School got so close, but dissolved into petty bias for stupid inclusions and unneeded adjustments. That combined with poor managment and lack of commitment led to both of their downfalls.
  4. If Pit and Countdown are bad than so is Sanc, Midship, and every other symmetrical map.
  5. As far as I know it was one of the most tested maps going forward before cancellation. Powerhouse's primary mode was KotH, which played great from what I remember. I think its biggest problem was the spawning or something. Ball never got back in because none of the mainstays played it well. It might have salvaged Penance but like the Haven thing we'll probably never know.
  6. I'd probably like Haven if it was downscaled, but I guess we'll never know. To me, Haven is the least-stinky shit out of all the other shitty maps in H4. Going back, being v7's self-proclaimed biggest fan, I can confidently say Zealot was ok at best. I don't hate it by any means, but its ring-around-the-rosey with the occasional flank from mid does get a bit stale after playing the map excessively. Notice how I said excessively. If it comes up once or twice in a session between other maps it's actually pretty enjoyable. v7's map pool was honestly fun as Hell. Aside from Penance, every other map offered a good experience. Countdown, Zealot, and Nexus were solid new entries while the rest (Battle Canyon, Sanctuary, and Pit) were remakes of already great maps. Previous versions also had some notable originals like Oasis and Element. The only things missing IMO were Ball and Powerhouse in place of Penance. You could also push for Bomb, but I can easily settle for 4 modes. Really wish v8 wasn't cancelled.
  7. Honestly would be 100% on board with these pistol settings if SB and DB were the only power pick ups. Assuming GP and Spartan Charge is off, they would only increase offensive play potential while still having the user be just as vulnerable as any other player. Both power ups sort of compliment the pistol, plus you get that little bit of movement incentive.
  8. We were testing for my poor attempt at a revival for Evolved (which was supposed to kick off with a tourney that was terribly handled on FH's part). The map you guys are talking about was called Hoodlum. Ball was awful on that map's first version, it kept funneling to that one far corner so it was pretty much a shitstorm to begin with.
  9. I'll play if you guys need an extra. H5 or MCC, doesn't matter.
  10. is the most played section glitched for you guys too? im not seeing any halo game at #1

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