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  1. We’re bootcamping now from the 5th I’m happy to say! I was recently diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and given medication, which is why we wasn’t going to go because I wasn’t well. Hopefully the meds work out well, as the last few events like Gfinity I was in a lot of pain with it and it’s stressful in general when you have to stay on stage and carry on through it.
  2. Ah, being from EU I had no idea haha. Hopefully something soon after Thanksgiving
  3. The fact 343 hasn't made a statement yet is an actual joke.
  4. Usually I have an open mind about new settings etc, but I've tried these settings and they're terrible. The BR and gunfighter don't suit as starting weapons and I just hope to god that we don't have to play them long.
  5. We beat Radiant 3-0 and then lost 3-1 to infused which means we’re out of the event. It’s been a really amazing event and week pre-lanning. I feel like all EU teams have really showed up and improved overall. Looking forward to seeing this Str8 and Infused series now.
  6. We’ve played 70 games in the last 4 days? Damn we need lives
  7. Made it to the champ bracket! Really hope we proved a lot of people wrong saying that we don’t deserve a champ bracket spot
  8. We have a LAN centre we’re using (www.clutcharena.com), we’ve actually had to buy 3 Xbox’s because of the power packs, US sockets are 110v whereas UK is 230.. so that was fun! We’re just grinding from here on out
  9. We are still pretty jet lagged, I had 4 hours of sleep yesterday so surprised we even did that well and we definitely threw a few of the games. Either way, these scrims are definetely helping us out and prepping us for the event. :-)
  10. We didn't play this Sunday due to family reasons! Will be playing next week :-)
  11. Only thing everyone has left to look forward to is Denver, and after that is uncertainty. Or CoD
  12. Not to put a downer on the whole thing, but a lot of EU pros bought passes to themselves (myself included) because no one had an idea on who was going to team with who, and didn't want to lose out by not going to the event. I think about 4/5 passes will be released soon.
  13. I feel like it boils down to the production of the streams, not really any hype for any event. Halo could do so much more on social media to make you more familiar with players and know their stories so you'd want to get behind them. I feel like that's why I watch CoD, because I want certain teams/players to win (not just Optic) and I enjoy the production even though I still don't know the ins and out of IW.
  14. No idea how many teams would want to actually come over, by the sounds of it probably around 3-6. I totally agree with you on the last part, which is why I stated neither yes or no on the poll. It's a pretty broad question "do you want NA teams to come over?" without any details.
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