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  1. I'm in Northern Virginia looking for some serious Halo 5 players for lans or online customs and MM! Hit me up if you wanna run! GT: Jroppa
  2. Jroppa Custom: 4v4 | MM: Team Arena (HCS Gametypes) / Doubles NA: Washington D.C. area Platinum with randoms. Looking to build a solid network of players to run with and improve overall.
  3. Hey I've been a long time competitive player in Halo 2 and Halo 3. I stepped away in Reach and H4 but I'm back in H5 and ready to get into serious hardcore competitive play! I'm currently looking for a team and players to run customs with. Gamertag: Jroppa Feel free to add or invite me to customs or team arena matchmaking! See you soon guys!

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