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  1. If ur interested in a team im in need of 3 players for the 2018 season im the team captain im already with an org hmu at my Twitter @supressor_ im more of a FFA player in Customs so im gonna need a little work on my team work. So if u would be able to run on October 31 or Nov 1st hmu or if u guy don't see this for a week just hmu on my twitter. Im 1735 in Doubles 1650 in Arena 1600 in slayers and Diamond 1 in HCS
  2. Im interested hmu at my twitter @Supressor_ im a really good OBJ player and i can slay heavily at times im more of a FFA and Doubles player tho
  3. Hello me and my to2 are looking for 2 new players hmu at my twitter if ur [email protected] supressor_
  4. We are looking for 2 players to be apart of a team i put together im currently talking to a org rn to get sponsored by them but u have to be dedicated and work hard to get better as a team and be on everyday no slacking i want to make this team a great one Im plat 1 in HCS but i play Onyxs some time plats but im Onyx in slayer and team arena solo doubles D2 solo HCS as well and arena Im a very good team player must know all call outs or most of them Must be able to scrim when called Must gave had Onyx in slayer or high Diamond Must have a working mic No trash talking other teammates too Always play well. Twittwr: @SupressorHCS Gamertag: SupressorFPS Add or message to tryout im on everyday
  5. Hmu to2 looking for a team to play for or with gt: SupressorFPS Twitter: SupressorHCS im on everyday
  6. Hey im onyx abd diamond in most all the playlists i play but i play with randoms in hcs but i can find the right people. Uve played in the onyx level and im good enough im on everyday trying to improve and would like help to get better ice played in the online cups but with bad teammates and in teambeyond ffas and i do really good. My gt is SupressorFPS
  7. Im looking for a team to play im plat 4 in HCS im Onyx 1689 in tram arena Onyx 1616 in slayer Diamond 2 in doubles i solo Arena HCS and doubles im a good team player im more of a objective player but i can go off at any moment im on everyday trying to improve 10 hours im very serious about getting top 10 or 16 im able to play all day im in mountain time zone. My gamertag is SupressorFPS
  8. Im looking for a solid dedicated team Im Onyx 1630 in team arena Onyx 1500 in slayer D2 in doubles D5 in FFA I sometimes play MM when im not playing 8s im on everyday trying to improve and need a team that is the same i got placed in the same tier has my ranks are now i solo most of the time wgen i dong have a team to play with. Im planning on going to events if we have good chem Not looking for people who slack and not practice i solo qed my way to onyx in slayer Add me on xbl if ur looking to try out SupressorFPS
  9. Riotize


    changed my gt to AE Supressor
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