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  1. Looking at the 343 careers page, I'm guessing the delay in information is because there is no information. Lots of important titles unfilled it seems. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/343/careers
  2. So does pro league start tonight or tomorrow? http://imgur.com/s16euFB http://imgur.com/BpzLWan
  3. Not sure, I had to go to bed before Towey announced anything, although apparently the news was about his projects or something. #notclickbait
  4. Earthroot also had a 13-16th finish at St Louis, which should award 150pts, but Millenial is reporting 300pts. I think I understand the frustration over disorganization.
  5. So if I understand correctly, pro teams don't get additional points, but they do get a seeding advantage, which essentially is a free pass to more points? Is something like this sheet accurate then? Google Doc
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