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  1. I was hoping that Cod WW2 would light a fire under their asses and make H3A to keep everyone around until H6. Especially with an E3 announcement.
  2. Literally said the same about Liquid in the chat yesterday, Liquid are just like the Spurs. Dynamic and fundamental gameplay, no fat to trim and flashy bs just good overall halo But I would also make OG the warriors and NV the cavs since lethul joining clg to make the powerhouse team is very Durant-like
  3. TB isn't one of those sites that just jumps to conclusion right?
  4. I only play HCS and got the game in December, didn't even know SC's were a thing. I'M SUCH A FUCKING IDIOT
  5. Should we try making a new one? Or does it take way longer to finish comm's than I think?
  6. Still fairly new to the site, does team beyond have a spartan company? That Achilles helmet is what I need
  7. Caught one game of the nV vs. Str8 scrim and Snip3down was shitting, I think he went 17-1 and the end score was 50-17 or something. I need new tourneys to happen because I can't watch the older films when they had ar.
  8. I still need a full explanation of why sprint should be removed. The new settings have made me slow down and sprint way less often and its still nice to have it in the back pocket. Its no longer an issue of messing with the flow of map movement since the maps are much better catered to it in 5. An this is coming from a big fan of original Halo schematics. Sell me why I shouldn't want sprint.
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