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  1. GT OG FAD3 Scrims in preparation for LCQ Ranks: Onyx tier players Time: 10 ET Message me if interested in scrimming tonight
  2. Myself and my teammates are currently looking for a 4th for this Saturdays LCQ and further on in the season. Requirements: Please be high onyx for the Winter Team Arena Season (Or High FFA Onyx) Know callouts and be fairly active with callouts Be willing to take and give criticism Able to play between 8-11 ET most weeknights and flexible availability weekends If you're interested hmu in my twitter DM's @@FADE_F0RC3 (Easiest way to contact me) and we'll run games GT: OG Fad3 Teammates: AA Snarf, KingAK
  3. We are a strong To2 lookin for high Onyx's (2000+) from the previous Winter Arena Season. Please know spawns and when to push for OBJ. Please be willing to scrim and play regularly. I am ET but my teammate is PST. usually both on around 10 or 11 ET with exceptions. Please don't tilt Take criticism well HMU to run games GT: OG FAD3 Twitter: fade_f0rc3
  4. I'm a young gun FA lookin to run MM, Scrim, and compete in Online tourneys. EST. Weekdays usually 3 PM - 10:30 or 11. Weekends are flexible. I'm down to run games whenever HMU Twitter Fade_F0rc3 GT OG FAD3. I play support Team Arena: Onyx 2014 (Completely Solo no comms)
  5. I would be interested in at least running games. GT OG FAD3. Hmu i'm usually online around 3 PM EST and can run until around 10:30 EST on weekdays.
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