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  1. Knox Knox Who Any Playlist or Customs West Coast Currently online
  2. I've been away from Halo for 6 months can anyone give me a brief summary of what has happened?
  3. Halo CE is the only real Halo everything else is combat devolved.
  4. Looking for a 4th for online, potentially more. Gts are Knox Knox Who, Reverb is High, and Wzrd Arrives Find me on twitter at https://twitter.com/KnoxWho
  5. Are saying saying Titanfall is a better game than AW? I prefer classic cod also but I have to admit AW beats out titanfall by a long shot. (I agree with everything I didn't quote.)
  6. Its not a rip off if its done better. Hopefully ex suits come every 3 years in sledge hammer games.
  7. I'll have it finished for Pre-season cup #2 don't worry #savehalo #rightmap
  8. Anybody interested, we're on right now send "Knox Knox Who" a message
  9. GT Knox Knox Who I'm 16 and from Cali currently online
  10. I like my merchandise to be if you know gandhi you will get my savage shirt and understand i'm a fan but if you don't watch halo you like the shirt because its says savage on it.
  11. I added you and heres my thread if you want to take a look http://teambeyond.net/forum/topic/9166-fa-for-online/
  12. I would stop watching when the four person point of view came on. Simms and Walshy best thing since Gandhi and Maven
  13. Hey, my names Timmy, online my GT is Knox Knox Who. I'm looking for a team to compete online with. I'm 16 and live in Cali if you want to get in contact my twitter is https://twitter.com/KnoxWho BTW I'm on the MCC right now
  14. If people want to play some customs on forge maps I'm down. My GT is "Knox Knox Who"
  15. Warlord: Bomb, CTF, and TS Lockout: Koth and oddball Sanctuary: Bomb, CTF, and TS Complexion and another map to fill in the spots.
  16. The next smash bros is going to have the Chief??? 117 himself!!! CONFIRMED
  17. In translation, Individuals can keep points from their most recent team and their current one. I Like
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