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  1. Knox Knox Who Any Playlist or Customs West Coast Currently online
  2. I've been away from Halo for 6 months can anyone give me a brief summary of what has happened?
  3. Halo CE is the only real Halo everything else is combat devolved.
  4. Looking for a 4th for online, potentially more. Gts are Knox Knox Who, Reverb is High, and Wzrd Arrives Find me on twitter at https://twitter.com/KnoxWho
  5. Are saying saying Titanfall is a better game than AW? I prefer classic cod also but I have to admit AW beats out titanfall by a long shot. (I agree with everything I didn't quote.)
  6. Its not a rip off if its done better. Hopefully ex suits come every 3 years in sledge hammer games.
  7. I'll have it finished for Pre-season cup #2 don't worry #savehalo #rightmap
  8. Anybody interested, we're on right now send "Knox Knox Who" a message
  9. GT Knox Knox Who I'm 16 and from Cali currently online
  10. I like my merchandise to be if you know gandhi you will get my savage shirt and understand i'm a fan but if you don't watch halo you like the shirt because its says savage on it.
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