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  1. What I meant is that the AI help you take over bases... As in they will take over other points...
  2. So, the idea I will be presenting to you is a version of Warzone. It has all the same things Warzone already has but I added these in: AI Minions, these "minions" will spawn periodically from either your home base or a base you have captured through Pelicans.(No, if all the bases have been taken the minions will cease to spawn.) The minions primary focus will be the middle point. Some will go this way and that way and will taken cover if they are being attacked. There are 3 levels of minions. They each get upgraded throughout the match. Lvl 1 will have normal marines probably in a squad of 5-10 (Because their marines....) and lvl 2 gives these marines the ability to throw grenades (Either its a sticky or a frag) and lvl 3 gives ODST's. They could switch to spawning in through drop pods. Some ODST's have the ability to use a rocket launcher and have the ability to throw frags. They could spawn in groups of 5. And would have jetpacks to use. My second idea are AI ODST drops... They have all of the attributes of the ODST's above but come in drop pods wherever you want them to drop. It could be a pick-up power-up or it could be a REQ. These ODST's will try their darnedest to stay near whoever called them in and provide some assistance. You can switch the ODST's objective to different bases including the enemies home base if all of the bases are taken. They could be used to defend a base from and attack and you can order them to attack other AI bosses. They also have the ability to control vehicles(Like scorpions and wraiths.) If they are ordered to do so. I have not decided on what to call this Gamemode. I know that it is leaning a little towards a MOBA with the addition to minions but they could help with taking enemy controlled bases because I do have trouble with taking bases that are swarmed with enemies. And I am pretty sure I am not the only one... Thank you guys for reading all of this. Please give your humble opinion on them in the comments below.
  3. Honestly, I kept the sesitivity at default because I adapted to it. And I keep my button layout to "Halo 4" because I find the Halo 5 buttons to be weird.
  4. Hello! I have just recently joined the halo forums. So I am not completely aware of all of the rules and procedures. So, please excuse me if I do something wrong. The votes are public. Idk if that means they show your name or not or if it shows how many people voted on a certain option. Let me explain why I chose Fireteam Osiris and Atriox. The reason I did not go for Blue Team or Master Chief. Is because I feel like it would be too easy for one side if it was just Atriox and Master Chief because in the Halo Wars 2 trailers it has shown Atriox beating the crap out of Red Team. Which has 3 spartans.... Keep in mind these 3 spartans did take out an entire elite team back in Halo Wars. And if I put Master Chief I feel like people would get offended or triggered or something like that. So I chose Fireteam Osiris.
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