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  1. that's what I was thinking as well and that means that I would be replying to myself replying to myself.
  2. Jesus Christ, for the 10th time, PEOPLE DON'T PLAY HALO ANYMORE and people still play a ton of COD.
  3. Here's what I do know. Halo is not popular anymore and is probably lucky to be considered a tier-3 esport. MLG has already gotten burned by Gears pathetic viewership and would be fools to take on a Halo event that would be lucky to break 35k. Having MLG run a H5 tournament isn't going to make the game any less shitty.
  4. after much consideration I have come to the conclusion that MLG wants absolutely nothing to do with Halo, not that Halo is only willing to work with ESL. There are many reasons for this. 1. Halo's viewership is awful and not even MLG could help that. 2. Halo's player base is probably close to around 15k these days. There are more people watching Ninja's stream than there are active players in H5. 3. Halo is seen as lame by all the big streamers. Just look at what Lirik said around a week ago. 4. MLG has already been burned by the other big XBOX exclusive and really doesn't want to go down that road again. 5. Halo is so 10 years ago.
  5. NOBODY plays Halo anymore, just like nobody plays croquet anymore. Halo was just another fad.
  6. and what has Halo done to earn better facilities? This franchise hasn't been relevant since Halo 3 and that was 10 years ago.
  7. not really. 1. for all intents and purposes COD is a Sony "exclusive" with comp being on PS4. 2. There are many more PS4 consoles on the market than XBONES. 3. Halo has been Titanically fucked since shitty Reach.
  8. only COD trophies get to live in the real trophy case. The Halo "trophies" reside in one of the guest bathrooms.
  9. 350k+ peak viewership. INSANE for such a trashcan of a game. Nobody puts lipstick on a pig like MLG.
  10. almost 150k watching COD champs right now. Truly stunning. COD is definitely KING of console shooters and this proves it. WW2 is going to be MASSIVE!
  11. Bubu, Shottzy, Stellur, Eco, SubZero, Renegade, and Huke should all try COD (shottzy when he's old enough) to save themselves from this dead franchise. The money in COD is better, the events are 10000X better, the exposure is way higher in COD, and the new SCUF's that are shaped like an XBOX controller make it so that you don't have to play with that terrible fucking PS4 controller. There is no better time for these guys to make the switch.
  12. the fact that most of the Halo pros are supporting their orgs in COD champs and that none of the COD pros ever do the same is very telling
  13. really just need a play by play, color, and an interviewer as well as a backup for each. So you need 6 people and around 200 folding chairs to host a Halo event these days.
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