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  1. How do people feel about the new sprint mechanics? I think that not having shields recharge while sprinting is good but is it enough? The clamber and built in thruster pack feels like mobility creep if you ask me but I don't know how well it plays so it's hard to say.
  2. "Between the two I would pick Maniac with the sniper on my team."
  3. I would watch. I don't play competitively but I'd watch.
  4. I never would have known competitive halo existed if I hadn't started watching Ninja and Gandhi then AGL.
  5. Alright, I'll miss the lounge but that's ok. I mostly just lurk anyway.
  6. Yeah I don't have an Xbone and I don't have the money to buy one either so I'm just watching streamers.
  7. So I was a VIP member for contributing to the indiegogo campaign way back when. Does VIP no longer exist and it's just premium now?
  8. I stopped coming to this forum after the crash of AGL. Today as I was browsing youtube I saw a video from Ninja and he was wearing a C9 shirt. It peaked my interest because C9 is my favorite League of Legends team so I looked into it. There's a freaking Halo League starting up again?! IS THIS REAL LIFE? This is less of an introduction more of a welcome back for me. It's good to be back. LONG LIVE HALO!
  9. Great read I'm optimistic for the future of halo at this point. Gonna grab an xbox one when HMCC comes out and play the heck out of the 5 beta!
  10. Well said. Reading that made me remember how much i miss halo. I haven't been around in a while and its because of how abandoned AGL made me feel. (not that I went to events or anything I'm just a lurker) I hope the players get their due and I hope the same from Brad. This will all come back to haunt him someday.
  11. How do the TV seasons line up with the books?
  12. I love throwdown settings but whenever i play it in matchmaking i get demolished. That's why i rarely do. If i can get teamed up with people then yeah i play throwdown but i never go in alone.
  13. OT: I don't think I'll ever leave Halo. Even if I'm only buying to play the campaign you can bet I'll still be at gamestop at midnight on release date standing in line like the most of you will be too. On topic, I think the steam punk skins look awesome. And I'm excited to play Ricochet.
  14. If there are good teams playing, I'm going to tune in no matter which halo is being played.
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