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  1. On everyday (35 hours a week) 100% HCS Highlights contains 10 Exterms and more great clips Twitter: MLG_SkanDog Go over film and strats Constructive Criticism is allowed only way to improve as a player and as a team overall Be mature and chill *No sore losers* we learn and improve
  2. TO3 Denver Tryouts All mid to high Diamond and high Onyx SkanDog TTV @skan_dog
  3. I formed this team I have a year of chemistry with one and 6 months of chemistry with the other we are all mature and chill dudes we are very competitive and want to win but it's not the end of the world if we lose its gonna happen we learn and get better We know strats and callouts we want to go to Denver @skan_dog SkanDog TTV
  4. TO3 For Denver Tryouts tomorrow? @skan_dog SkanDog TTV
  5. We really want to go we just need the right teammates we know what we are doing we expect you to as well Me and King have been playing as a duo for a year SkanDog TTV @skan_dog Strictly HCS Montage Coming Soon KingAK None
  6. I have me and a friend @skan_dogdank tSkanDog TTV will be on after work
  7. If u have a twitter hmu @skan_dog so I can DM u some recent 4v4 clips of mine 1 of which should have been a HCS jaro and the Killtastrophe was there
  8. I have me and a friend that are trying to look for players to team with and go to Denver with we know what we are doing ill message you on xbl later
  9. Lets run games later im ET im looking for 2 @skan_dog
  10. High level players only We want to win and go to Denver so be on your 20s @skan_dog
  11. TO2 Been playing together for over 6 months SkanDog TTV
  12. Are you guys above onyx 1700 in arena
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