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  1. If you didn't see:


    Best Series: ALG vs Renegades at HWC 2016

    Best Sniper: Frosty

    Best Pistol Shot: Royal 2

    Best Movement: Shotzzy

    Best Overall Player: Frosty

    Great selections, but if we’re talking about the entirety of H5 then I think Snakebite should’ve won best overall player.


    I think Frosty has definitely been the best player over the last year. And his best has probably been better than anyone else’s. But snakebite did so much the first 2 years IMO. If you go back and watch a lot of those close tournaments they pulled off, he was constantly making play after play to win games and was by far the most consistent on LAN. I also think Royal 2 was the best player for a period during the first year. Obviously Splyce have had their run where a few of their players (shottzy and stellur) could’ve made a case. But Snakebite, to me, had the longest period of time where I thought he was the top player. He is Mr. Consistent.


    I’m not sure an argument could be made for somebody else with the other two awards. Royal 2 has had the best shot in Halo for awhile and Frosty’s snipe is the best. He can anchor with it just as well as Royal 2 and Snipedown, he can push aggressively and hit nearly every no scope like Shottzy... the man does it all with that weapon. In fact he is the best at utilizing all power weapons IMO. And Shottzy’s movement is just nutty.


    Would’ve loved to have seen Snakebite and Lethul dual over most clutch player. Yes, that’s right, Tony “Lethul” Campbell is one of the clutchest players in Halo.


    Hope today runs a little smoother. I’m excited to watch H5’s conclusion to see if Tox can go out on top and pumped to watch some H3. Enjoy watching the last H5 event. I know we’re all a little burnt out on it but it’s been a fun ride watching.

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  2. Some really weird takes ITT. Frosty had a great Tourney (bar a few games). Lxthul did what Lxthul does. Snakebite has been my favorite player for a long time, he was not at top form. IMO, him and R2 haven't been close to top form since they started grinding again about a month ago. I fully expect them to improve between now and Worlds. I think they all four will improve with a few months left to grind.


    Ya'll are nuts if you think they are or should make a change. I'd be very disappointed if they did. They have a chance to do something very special and have the roster to do it.


    Weird how the consensus has been "it's boring watching OG dominate H5" and most people openly cheering against them, to people now wanting OG and Splyce to combine forces and make a new super team. Makes no sense. All I know is if they 3peat, it will be that much sweeter for those guys with everyone doubting them. I'll be pulling for em.

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  3. Did they just say whoever comes out of losers only has to win one series in the GFs? If so, I don't understand that. And I certainly dot get OG/REC being played off main stage. The entire event has ran smoothly and efficiently as far as time goes. Why does it seem like they're rushing it to be over today?


    Or is that a new rule for all these upcoming Opens? If so, silly rule and there's no advantage to winning WBFs (other than having to play less series obviously).

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