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  1. Great selections, but if we’re talking about the entirety of H5 then I think Snakebite should’ve won best overall player. I think Frosty has definitely been the best player over the last year. And his best has probably been better than anyone else’s. But snakebite did so much the first 2 years IMO. If you go back and watch a lot of those close tournaments they pulled off, he was constantly making play after play to win games and was by far the most consistent on LAN. I also think Royal 2 was the best player for a period during the first year. Obviously Splyce have had their run where a few of their players (shottzy and stellur) could’ve made a case. But Snakebite, to me, had the longest period of time where I thought he was the top player. He is Mr. Consistent. I’m not sure an argument could be made for somebody else with the other two awards. Royal 2 has had the best shot in Halo for awhile and Frosty’s snipe is the best. He can anchor with it just as well as Royal 2 and Snipedown, he can push aggressively and hit nearly every no scope like Shottzy... the man does it all with that weapon. In fact he is the best at utilizing all power weapons IMO. And Shottzy’s movement is just nutty. Would’ve loved to have seen Snakebite and Lethul dual over most clutch player. Yes, that’s right, Tony “Lethul” Campbell is one of the clutchest players in Halo. Hope today runs a little smoother. I’m excited to watch H5’s conclusion to see if Tox can go out on top and pumped to watch some H3. Enjoy watching the last H5 event. I know we’re all a little burnt out on it but it’s been a fun ride watching.
  2. Ready for ATL. Hoping TOX can end H5 on top. Side note: Companies should watch Rocket League tournaments and see how production should be done. Their tournaments are always top notch. Such a fun game to play and even more exciting to watch.
  3. Can't believe UK lost to K-State. We had the easiest path to the FF of all time. Then Calipari did what Calipari does in March... play the shot clock vs playing to win and lose to an inferior team with a stacked roster. I got Michigan and Nova right. UK and Michigan St. had huge choke jobs.
  4. Final Four: Aladdin vs Lion King Toy Story vs Wall-E Championship: Aladdin vs Wall-E Champion: Wall-E EZ Money... Thank Me Later.
  5. Had a busy day and just got in. Is this the first Bo7? And if so, will there be a 2nd Bo7 if Splyce take the 1st series? These first 2 games have been so close.
  6. Tide is definitely getting rolled. Go Cats!! Does TB do a bracket challenge?
  7. Seeing grey on a UK uniform is definitely weird, but I'll allow it!! Thank you kind sir.
  8. Forget who made my AVI (sorry, it's awesome). But, if you're reading this, I'll throw mad upvotes if you edit for me. Since they have no org right now, and since it's March Madness, I'd appreciate the Bulls jerseys being converted into Kentucky Wildcats Jerseys. Preferably the home whites. Somebody hook a bruddah up. Screw OG. Can't wait for Regionals!!
  9. Some really weird takes ITT. Frosty had a great Tourney (bar a few games). Lxthul did what Lxthul does. Snakebite has been my favorite player for a long time, he was not at top form. IMO, him and R2 haven't been close to top form since they started grinding again about a month ago. I fully expect them to improve between now and Worlds. I think they all four will improve with a few months left to grind. Ya'll are nuts if you think they are or should make a change. I'd be very disappointed if they did. They have a chance to do something very special and have the roster to do it. Weird how the consensus has been "it's boring watching OG dominate H5" and most people openly cheering against them, to people now wanting OG and Splyce to combine forces and make a new super team. Makes no sense. All I know is if they 3peat, it will be that much sweeter for those guys with everyone doubting them. I'll be pulling for em.
  10. No sweep. Phew. Thank God OG has a few months to prepare for Worlds because this Splyce team is going to be hard to take down.
  11. Dude OG just clutched Fathom CTF so hard. They are playing really well right now. Will be interesting to see how far their run goes.
  12. Did they just say whoever comes out of losers only has to win one series in the GFs? If so, I don't understand that. And I certainly dot get OG/REC being played off main stage. The entire event has ran smoothly and efficiently as far as time goes. Why does it seem like they're rushing it to be over today? Or is that a new rule for all these upcoming Opens? If so, silly rule and there's no advantage to winning WBFs (other than having to play less series obviously).
  13. Need help. What event (and which two teams) from H2A had that crazy game 5 slayer? They kept tying and replaying. I feel like Heinz was in the game. Maybe they were playing CLG? I feel like I remember SB constantly jumping a teammate up to ring 3. Anyways, was wanting to rewatch that series/event. TIA.
  14. Not sure if NV clutched up that many games or OG just choked a lot of those away. Was kinda weird to see. I'd say it was a mixture of the two. Either way, great day of Halo and congrats to NV.
  15. You're the man!!! Thank you sir. C'mon OG complete this reverse sweep please.
  16. Help a brother out and photoshop me an avi? Pippen carrying Jordan off the court during his flu game with Lxthul and Snakebite's faces shooped on them. I'm a pleb and have to post from a phone. Don't know any good photoshop apps.
  17. If somebody takes the pic of Pippen carrying Jordan off the court after "The Flu Game" and shoops Snakebite/Lxthul onto their faces, I'll make it rain upvotes.
  18. When is the test playlist coming out? Thought I read it was today.
  19. I know most people don't like seeing one team so dominant. But for me, after spending all of H2A watching Snakebite and Royal 2 come up short to EG, I'm absolutely loving this H5 dynasty they have going. Hope they can pull it off at worlds again. Congrats to CLOG for another win.
  20. 1st post. Been lurking awhile. Snakebite was insane this weekend. Dudes been my favorite player since the Reach days. The guy just continues to get better and better. He saved a handful of games. Shout out to Lxthul as well. Thought he had a great Tourney overall and went clutch several times too. Liquid is going to be a force. I thought OG played pretty well this weekend and Liquid were right there with them. IMO, Frosty didn't have a good Tourney though. If all of OG is playing their best, I still think they're comfortably ahead of everyone. But it's hard to have everyone on point and the gap has most certainly closed. The gameplay was amazing this weekend. Best H5 Tourney I've seen, as far as the gameplay and teams bringing it.
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