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  1. Does anyone have a clip of Royal2 getting on the ledge of lobby?
  2. Off the top of my head, the venue for the HWC 2017 and the beef between Ryanoob & Spartan.
  3. It peaked at 10,000 ish early on Sunday during I believe the FFA.
  4. Oh I knew the mechanics of it, I didn't know he was linked to it like that. Thanks!
  5. Can someone explain the insta splodes thing Walshy keeps referencing?
  6. Even Greenskull weighed in on the subject of the 343 version of Halo v the Bungie one.
  7. Today's episode of Pro League streaming experience is brought to you by Microsoft Powerpoint.
  8. I used to play with Kaotic back in the H4 days, from what I can remember he was pretty good, just had a bit of an attitude haha. Hopefully he can help Str8 pick the pace in the Pro League.
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