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  1. Creating a team consisting of capable players to compete in online tournaments and amateur leagues. I have 2 different AM orgs lined up for when a team is created. Couple of requirements are available afternoons for scheduled practices and willing to compete in leagues. If you're interested or want more info either reply to this thread, contact me on twitter @IcedSkye, or message me on Xbox at lcedSkye
  2. I'm a former Rainbow Six Siege pro competitor and unfortunately pro league just got dropped for Xbox so there's no reason to play anymore. Looking to grow as a competitor in Halo now. I have roots in jet pack games like Reach and Advanced Warfare so I've already gotten the hang of the game in the past couple days. Still learning obviously, but I'm looking for a good startup point. I have plenty of tournament experience, and I know how to play in a team setting. Don't expect amazing off the bat, but I grind every game I care about so callouts and play styles should be easy to pick up. Hit me up on twitter @IcedSkye or Xbox @IcedSkye Ops
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