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  1. Name: Jovany Gamertag: Sweetlubie Games Played: Halo5 Area in California: Los Angeles; South Bay area Future Gaming Plans: Hope for LAN tourneys; see where I can go from there. Tired of playing constants games with people with mics but lack the ability to actually talk. yea...
  2. I'm down; send a request and I'll be on for Sunday's afternoon pacific time.
  3. I'm down; send a request and I'll be on for Sunday's afternoon pacific time.
  4. Papa LuBie

    Papa LuBie

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  5. Papa LuBie https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/papa%20lubie just started this past november but im down for learning the callouts and such :"D
  6. Papa LuBie im down for the cause, give me a shot and i might prove im good or not "D
  7. Living in south Cal; Los Angeles. looking for others who are competitive and looking for that extra grind "D wouldn't mind go for that championship.... https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/papa%20lubie
  8. HeY! Names Papa LuBie, you can call me Papa, lubie, or even lube. yeah its a unusual name, but i thought why not be weird and unusual ;D well last game i actually played for fun was halo reach and after that i kind of lagged on the franchise. I recently started playing halo5 this end of 2016 and i got to say im pretty impressed with all Bungie has done. Destiny was a letdown ( but that's another story). Im in my early 20s and im looking forward to playing with the rest of the community :Di play arena swat and ffa rank. thats what i mostly play on when ever im on halo5 the campaign just got to say was a a good story line i enjoyed the game play and the cut scenes.
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