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  1. hosting an 8s lobby tonight lol add me
  2. Gt: Shreks HCS Customs/matchmaking/ scrims east coast
  3. just some tips no one is going to pick you up until your atleast onyx so keep grinding you will get there
  4. Im interested in trying it out add me on xbl gt: Shrek tho
  5. Im currently looking for a team to go to lans with must be willing to grind to get better. my schedule is tuesday 5-10pm est thursday-friday 5-10pm est weekends open. must use discord to communicate. Equipment Scuf a 40s XBL: Shrek Tho Twitter: Shreks_show Twitch: Shreks_show
  6. im an onyx in team slayer. im eastern time zone. Monday and Wednesdays i cant play. my usual play time is 5pm to 11pm
  7. add me looking for a team that is willing to practice 4 days a week and grind. I am onyx in team slayer. i was only diamond 2 in team arena due to not having a team to play with last season
  8. must be realiable, we use discord chat. add Shrek Tho
  9. Shrektho


    Shreks swamppppp
  10. team of 3 looking for a solid 4th must be be east coast, must be serious dedicated, know what your doing, add Shrek Tho on xbox live https://www.twitch.tv/shreks_show https://twitter.com/Shreks_Show
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