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  1. Im a dedicated teammate and love the game im sick of losing and playing by myself The game has been frustrating playing alone I'm a onyx 1700 Willing to travel and willing to do anything as long as i got non toxic teammates and some teammates that can deal with the game I get high damage and can run objs need a help on positioning and others things want to learn as much as possible HMU Twitter.com/biscuits099 GT: Kille09r
  2. But You dont have a 1 KD or that onyx or and you dont look for mistakes lol Jk this guy best player ever the next pro you guys should join him im totally being serious
  3. Gt is Kille09r and twitter is BIscuits099 HMU if you want I play at late nights grind by myself all the time
  4. Hey same im looking for more people to play with right now not a team my GT is kille09r im a onyx and looking to stop losing by myself but with someone
  5. I am a all around great player and can slay and pull flags I call out and looking to get on a team with something that compliments me My gt is Kille09r I play at nights my time is eastern time I play everyday and should might be able to go to vegas HMU on twitter too Biscuits099. My onyx is 1900 ATM and was 2500 last season I've just been solo q. I put up high damage and tries to help all my teammates. Im magnetic to nades tho I'm looking for a team of onyx who are good with dealing with a loud player who calls out hard. I might consider my self better than this guy Lol
  6. Hey don't lie about your rank Lewis Kappa Lol Jk I vouche for him decent player good teammate and is not better than me so I like him

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