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  1. Oak

    Hip-Hop Thread

    I have returned my friends.. It has been a long, long time. If anyone happens to stop by this thread and see this message, add me on league: OakT or Steam: OakleyTyler ps: I still have the best rap taste in this thread pss: omar, wherever you are, never change <3
  2. Which is hilarious. All you have to do is farm. Yi has one of the nastiest clears in the game. Yet in final hour's match yi has half kills/assists and almost triple lee's deaths. And yet he only has like 20 more farm than lee.. 110 farm on devourer yi at 33 mins... Yuck. The best way to help a yi IMO is just to ward your jungle entrances. It sucks to have yi because he either hypercarrys or he's useless. But if you don't dodge you hurt yourself by not helping him out.
  3. 3-1 with me, 1-4 without me. Coincidence??
  4. I saw him on your roster man.. Good shit he dropped like 40 just today right? Ggwp
  5. It's not that simple bro, I have Mimer and rallez too. They were both supposed to go huge if I was gonna do well haha. Lcs was super fun to watch tho. Even tho alliance got shit on haha w/e :'(
  6. selfie wtffffff dude i am so fked in fantasy now. lol
  7. I agree. The game as a whole is being super weird right now though. Have you seen that boxbox video with jax? Stupid as hell haha
  8. Lemme in clicked! League name is Oakt
  9. Same. I'm down for ranked 5's when I get my computer back. Ad is prob my best and then I have a few champs that I play well in each other role. For real though who set up fantasy last year?? Lets gooo
  10. Oak

    Astro A40 help

    I am no guru, but: 1. Have you tried using the headphones directly connected to your phone? Like no mixamp involved. How does it sound that way? 2. Have you updated the firmware on your mixamp? 3. How do you have the system set up?
  11. Yoooo we doing fantasy again this season boys??
  12. Ok, thank you! I didn't think to use the daisy chain ports. My laptop only has a singular headphone/Mic jack but I will try just connecting it to that to see if it works. Edit: It's working... <3 u
  13. How is yours set up? if I have my mixamp plugged into both my computer and xbox I get a crazy amount of feedback noise. I plug mixamp into computer via usb, then into xbox with optic cable.
  14. I don't know bravo but he seems like that kid from highschool that you make fun of the "cool kids" with, you both agree that they suck and you don't understand how anyone could be like that. Next thing you know he joined their squad. He still talks to you and preserves the peace, but now he's on the cool kids payroll. It's like even though he knows deep down that they suck, he puts on a facade in order to keep his place with the cool kids. And now you're stuck trying to play halo alone. Except you can't because it doesn't work. Good for him for getting an enviable job, (well it probably sucks right now, having to put up with everyone's dismay and all). But I mean, you would probably think differently of an environmentalist if they went and got a job with BP.. I like to think he has some secret plan to either blow them up from the inside or redeem the series, but he's the community manager.. Not exactly in a position of power in development. LOL why do I care man, fk.
  15. Honestly though, I would rather people be complaining then not saying anything. This thread has like 80 pages in the last 24 hrs haha. At least we have a place where we can identify with one another, since the one other thing that we all have in common currently doesn't work.
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