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  1. Someone at the event please do your own periscope stream or something! Just walk around and give us live updates.
  2. sorry! These are great to watch fullscreen. https://www.twitch.tv/ugcblue and
  3. You can still listen to Inconceivable and EG on the live listen in channels if you want some entertainment. edit: https://www.twitch.tv/ugcblue and https://www.twitch.tv/ugcred
  4. LMAO you can hear teams discussing strategy on the live look in channels (over the ad loop sound).
  5. Awesome. I think this might be the way to go to enjoy the matches!
  6. Both of these channels are just an infinite loop of a 10 second advertisement for an energy drink.
  7. No matter how great the story, or how great the content, a writer will never be taken seriously if he doesn't have the basics down. Simple grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes will take all the attention away from even the most compelling story. The same is true for these events. A high production value is not required. What is required are the basics: functioning audio and video that doesn't distract from the amazing players and matches. We don't enjoy complaining about the event, I promise. The mistakes are just too distracting.
  8. They only have 45 minutes between matches today. Hard to type all those names with an Xbox controller.
  9. Casters having to refer to players with zero kills as Goose1 and Goose2 b/c no gamertags smh. Good improv skills I guess. edit: Way to go Red1, Red2, Red3, and Red4. Great job!
  10. Agreed. Good play by play and good big picture commentary. One team starts taking a lead and he says "let's take a step back" and then he analyzed the big picture about the reasons why. A+ in my book.
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