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  1. EG became very selfish, proudy, and those who shows me attitude I keep them under my foot
  2. I genuinely think I can recite the entirety of the HW2 advert from memory at this point rofl
  3. It's like every series they stream makes me want to stop watching more and more each time. Is it really that hard to turn down game volume..
  4. Use code "TechnicalDifficulties9" for a free gold REQ pack! Comes bundled with a feeling of complete frustration and an uncontrollable desire to burn UGC to the ground, free of charge!
  5. Spartan bagging AM players and popping off after winning matches against AM teams lmao
  6. Sorta off topic, but are the Str8 Rippin hoodies cotton? In the picture on their site they look polyester, and there's nothing written on the pages that state what material is used. If they're cotton, I'll insta-buy haha.
  7. I'd take Danoxide's pterodactyl sounds interview on a loop at this point
  8. What is this production quality? They are talking about somebody else's gameplay and broadcasting that person's sound while staying on a completely different person haha 10/10
  9. Overwatch is going to be massive, but I honestly think it's a terrible game within the context of eSports. There's too much stuff going on at all times and the spectator view is incapable of catching all the action going on. I enjoy playing the game and I enjoy watching the game from a single person's perspective, but spectator mode is really hard to follow when it jumps from one player to another within like 5 seconds. I'm also not a huge fan of how hard Blizzard was forcing it as an eSport before it even came out. All other eSports, as far as I know, became eSports organically and not because their publishing company was pushing it as an eSport. But that's just a personal aside.
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