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  1. I don’t know why but this is the first time in Halo history that I’m not hyped and not scared. I’m just numb I guess. I know that there will be some big pros and big cons, but in the end I probably not be satisfied. I’m having fun with other titles atm so my gaming isn’t weighted on Halo as much anymore.
  2. Shady Halo kidz making moves 1 week before tourney in true Halo Esports fashion.
  3. I wonder if we will get the Sprints series again for Infinite? I actually enjoyed that when they released the 5 episodes or whatever before h5 release.
  4. If you haven’t played Apex, give it a try. I literally stopped talking to some friends cause they got lost in the shitty(IMO) BR games. Apex however is the most fun I’ve had since Halo 3 released. I never thought I would get this feeling again over video games, but I can’t put this game down. It’s mind boggling how a free to play game is my go to, and a couple games I bought for $60 are sitting on the shelf collecting dust. I’m going to buy items from Respawn cause they’ve earned it.
  5. I’ve been busy playing Apex and watching top tier players as well. I’ve never been a BR guy but this game is just different and actually fun. I’ve been dying for some Infinite news though...
  6. You just really drag down this thread. It’s not even fun/interesting to converse with you. I come to this thread still quite a bit and literally just see walls of text from you against everybody in here. It’s exhausting and I’m not even apart of it. So maybe you can take all your thoughts to the Infinite thread to help “shape” the future games.
  7. Idk why I come back to see this forum. Same arguments, same trolls. Making it really hard to stay interested. Been watching/exploring the CoD pro scene more and it’s a breathe of fresh air. As a Halo community we just need to remain humble and stop trolling all the time. I would have posted this whenever this forum update happened but I forgot my password haha. Any word on team changes from last event other than Eco/Royal 2?
  8. Although in the past I would agree with your statement of CoD being easy, I think the crowds flock to this game simply because it’s FUN. Something Halo has lacked for a long time now.
  9. Let’s see this TOX squad go to UGC. Not the real h3 days but will be a fun experiment to see how they place in h3.
  10. A bit sad this morning. I’ve come to the realization that even if Infinite is the classic halo that everyone wants and even if it’s the best/biggest Halo yet, I don’t think old pros will be back. They simply have moved on with their lives which is understandable. I wish I could go back in time and enjoy the Halo 3 days more because it was truly the pinnacle for me. Anyway, got a great day lined up! Roy and Flame let’s get that W. Also want to see Rec get #1.
  11. Duuude, Gilkey is a mini Mackeo with the facial expressions. Put him on camera more often.
  12. Off topic and dumb question, but where is the ranked playlist for Blops4? Are they going to release one? This social crap gets old quick. Back to halo, where is the Infinite news at? They should be teasing the crap out of that game to keep/draw interest in Halo cause it’s ded.
  13. I don’t mind this. I am also playing a lot of Black ops right now. Haven’t touched h5 since cod’s release. It’s kind of cool to see where Halo players would end up in the competitive scene over here. Once this game has had its year of MLG tourneys, then we can focus back on halo and maybe just maybe we will be close to an Ifinite release.
  14. Too busy. Not only do you have to worry about scorestreaks but now hero abilities as well. I’d like a more barebones where they get rid of scorestreaks or abilities or both. I can’t stand hero ability games, it really takes away from skilled players.
  15. Although this will NEVER happen, would you guys be opposed to have multiple developers for Halo? Much like CoD has been doing forever now. I’m not saying we get a new Halo every ear, but at least a new one every 2-3 years? We can’t keep relying on “give them all the time they need, we just want a good/fun game” because that arguably hasn’t happened for 8 years or more. I truly think we could get better games because of the competition between the developers. Anyway, just a random thought I had. Feel free to show me the list of reasons this would be bad, I just don’t know what to do with myself since there will be a 5 year gap between h5 and h6.
  16. Lul what? Why do this now? The game is 3 years old and no one asked for these skins. People wanted the Country skins. 343 up to their normal shenanigans I see.
  17. After hearing about the 5v5 on Blops4 I couldn’t help but think of Halo 5 man rosters- these 2 came to mind for some reason: Final Boss - Ogre1, Ogre2, Walshy, Roy, Lunchbox Str8 Rippin - T2, Legit, Elamite, Snipedown, Neighbor Haha kind of fun to think about. But can you imagine the comms on a 5 man halo team :0
  18. I am actually all for it. I have always wanted morning streams. I wake up at 330 so this will be great!
  19. This place is a ghost town for the most part in between events. Can’t really blame anyone though, this game is 3 years old and there usually is very little storylines/content/etc. I usually see content about 2 weeks out from an event, and the events themselves are great, but no spirit to keep the game hyped in between. I think everyone is just waiting for Infinite at this point.
  20. I can’t belive radar still exists in all these playlists. I just love playing ring around the fucking Rosie with these radar kids.
  21. T2 podcast was a good watch. You guys should go check it out at the UGC twitch channel.
  22. Yes sir. GG. Forgive me, but were you the one calling out or the one who didn’t play the first 3 minutes? Lol

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