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  1. Yes, would be fun to watch Allegiance and Bubus gang lay waste!
  2. Sounds good, meet you here and we can talk about the other teams when they are broadcast, then go back and watch when their stream is over, we should start a whole new discussion titled "hangin out until E6 stream is over" Not really, but would be fun. Halo needs all the support and viewership it can garner. Seriously, Halo is more important than these losers. Dont let this in any way affect our love for Halo and the other pro players and all the amateurs , Face it, it will be quite an AM scene with allegiance, bubu, shooter and team. Clearly Pro League needs 10 or 12 teams for summer Leaugue. The talent on these 2 teams is better than some other pro teams for sure and the argument was always ":the Talent is not there" well its there now!!!!!

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