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  1. https://clips.twitch.tv/OptimisticBlushingGarbageAllenHuhu I´m just leaving this here for you guys to enjoy.....
  2. Dude I´m watching Mikwens rebroadcast right now and they were playing out of their minds imo. Haven`t watched a lot of Mikwens POV until now and I must say it´s impressive. This should have been the NV squad at St.Louis. But go watch it because it is really fun to watch, even though i love the twins.
  3. Long long time lurker. Been playing since H1 and been following the competitive halo scene eagerly since H3. Been watching the snip3down rebroadcast of the NV vs. EG scrim. Except for this coli slayer game this EG squad looks really good to me. Had the impression that EG's individual skill was on point and they were winning most of their 1v1 battles. They just need to clutch and close out some games. Maybe it's just the Contra/Devon curse. Looking forward to see this squad on LAN. The twins are still alive guys.

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