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Fri Jan13 2017

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  1. You are correct, Props to all 4 of them. Its just that they used Bubu to keep their seed, so the conversation naturally tends to Bubu
  2. Please let Bubu's team play those other guys at St Louis, Mainstage, some advertising, maybe some great ratings.
  3. I have to say, knowing BUBU was involved during this "process" helps a lot , He handled himself extremely well and was willing to give up a lot to go his own way.It must have been Hard knowing that they were going to keep the team using the rules, and he and shooter would have to go their own way, and still scrimming like a professional the whole time over the last few days. I am just glad he knew ahead of time that the manager and other guy were going to do this, and he made his decisions with all the facts in front of him. I wonder how many days ago Bubu made the decision to give up his spot on Pro league, HWC seeding, and possibly throw away his elegibility for summer pro league. And yet he acted like a true professional the whole time. Go BUBU!
  4. This is what Naded was referring to , when he said he would retire. As long as it is legal to destroy someone,its ok.
  5. Shout out to BUBU! You are great, just put your head down and Slay!!
  6. Hopefully I will be a long time poster and my Forum name will be a reminder for years.

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