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  1. I could see for competitive play since we tried to cut as much as possible from the base game, but in terms of overall experience I don't see how someone could put H4 above default Reach. Default Reach had bloom and AAs on spawn to contend with which was shit, but H4 had infinity settings. Personal ordnance, random global ordnance, 2 perks, customisable loadouts, flinch, recoil, I could be wrong but was there spread like H3 too?, instant respawn, AAs again, universal sprint..FUCK that, I would rather play fiesta than that shit. So far the social looks like a bit of a shit show and yet again there will be a big divide over social and ranked settings. Seen someone say social has forced play between PC and xbox and ranked doesn't, not a fan. They seem to be leaning into H2A a lot with ranked so why not just have the games hopper, it's a good system, off-peak you select everything available and in prime hours you can be more picky. Then just sprinkle 3-6 separate ranked playlists on top of that: HCS, doubles, FFA, 1v1, the dreamer in me would want snipers and BTB and you're golden. Sidekick should be 6 shot 18 clip to match the 3 perfect kill BR, 4 would be ideal for both though. Make it super low mag and aim assist, make it de-scopable but cut out that bloom and recoil nonsense and make it a short range beast more like H5 or Reach ZBNS pistol. That way you have the more exciting pistol with limited range and utility and the more safe and reliable BR. Creates more metagame on what to trade. Obviously it's 343 and they just have a weird / bad eye for design when it comes to UI, artstyle, weapon balance, game feel, physics etc etc. But if they can patch that shit or turn some of it around early, and have some more exciting maps than what we had and add some more gametypes then i'll play it. I firmly think H2A is the best they're capable of, but if they can deliver something on the same echelon i'll be happier than what we got in 4 and 5.
  2. Based on what we've seen from the leaks it will be what we had in the tech preview and drab human aesthetic #21, with 110% more pipes™!! Maybe hit classics are on the horizon like Adrift, Meltdown, Wreckage, Vertigo, Condemned and Complex. I'm just hoping to pay for the blood DLC and the pass that enables emblem customisation. Also if Quinn was in any way responsible for the retro or sawn-off, their existence as a concept as well as their balancing, I wouldn't be surprised. Edit: Yea had a full on rant but yeah nah i'll rein it in lol. Hey KurtiZ long time no see! I've only dipped my toes in Halo since early 2013, is there still an active NZ scene for MCC?
  3. It's aim assist is strong but it has a slow killtime compared to the other weapons. It's only because the sidekick and commando have to manage bloom and recoil that it may feel this way, coupled with how bad the aim feels it's not ideal. The weapon glare is obnoxious, how the fuck are you supposed to snipe when you have full body glare and a solid outline obscuring vision. Shooting BR or Commando against another player with a precision weapon feels awful too. BR to BR on Recharge is a common example. Weapon balance ideas can't be crystal clear when AR has a headshot bonus, too much range and no descope and precision weapons have to deal with bloom, recoil, low ammo, wonky RRR, weapon glare and bad aim feel. There's a hurdle of dumb design decisions that need to change first before a real conversation on balance can occur.
  4. I'm sure there's hurdles with weapon balance, but as long as there is blinding glare that obstructs view of the entire player model at range I think that's a bigger culprit. Snakebite would of hit that if the glare wasn't a star. Outline needs changes also, Overwatch had a better system, less obnoxious.
  5. i cant pick one for 4v4 so i'll be different and say construct. BTB either sandtrap or rats nest. I might be one of the few who really enjoyed the 4-12 maps ghost town, long shore and high ground, they had a bit of everything and were versatile.
  6. mind the amount but i love game OSTs, working as an animator, they're your best friend. Chose the ones that stuck out to me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3M208qi3Sg&t=9s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6AdPlr3whY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ytdBfQXq-M https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCXTmBAk5C0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1oTzxyFWDyE
  7. when you live in new zealand you never truly win
  8. I find it ironic that 343 really wants to trim down on playlists so that there's more people on each playlist, yet design warzone and breakout and split the players up even more. in a game that struggles to get pop playing the game i don't know why making the BTB standard 24 players is a good idea. strip away the rewards and you have a chaotic BTB with AI, infinity style ordnance/reqs and weak maps. Any game mode which has that many incentives and rewards in the form of unlockables will be popular, why not have a well designed gametype (eg BTB) and throw on the rewards? Split it into 2 modes, a serious BTB (maybe 6 v 6) then social BTB, with social BTB having more vehicles and maybe AI so it keeps the more chaotic feel. Why design 6 maps for 1 gamemode and throw everything that isn't warzone or comp 4v4 under the bus?
  9. people in that r/halo thread keep affirming people can change, his ideals don't seem any different than in gears:judgment or H5; No focus on social gameplay, a want to make the game competitive.. without actually making the game competitive, sums him up in my opinion.
  10. Play a custom without the movement tech, the weapons are far less skillful if it wasn't for the movement in the game, maybe someone can correct me but it feels like the highest magnetism we've had in a halo game, which is only less felt due to the string of movement. I want there to be more depth in movement, but do we want want to accomplish that by this current trend of button press movement abilities? I'd be more of a proponent of tying it to the map design (slopes, gravs, jump pads, jumps) and physics system, or to start creating more weapons which provide some sort of additional movement (brute shot jumping, sword lunges). The newer cods (which have started to move away from this from negative reception) and titanfall (both games died early) are really the only games that do this now (to this extent), i feel it's not too liked by players. the pistol is really the only encouraging thing you mentioned, tom french and halo community members in the development could also be seen as positives, but in terms of the direction or execution i cant think of much more positives than that, maybe that the game dropped with a nice amount of ok 4v4 maps, though lets be honest are any of them better than good? obviously everything is subjective and that my experience comes into play but even though h2 wasn't CE and 3 was a sluggish mess with poor hit detection and (default) reach was quite slow and random with poor map variety i feel that they all had a great list of strengths to their design in some way, i cant think of much for h5 at all, especially none that offer replayability.
  11. i think he'll be good but no matter what i feel 343 will follow flavour of the month trends like that dorky kid in school who just wanted to be popular, hold firmly onto sprint like it's some kind of vital organ and further push their ideas and develop them further into un-halo territiory, while further ignoring 'classic' style. my bets are not going fully into hero shooter territory but half-assing it by utilizing some of the philosophies that hero shooters use, big team will further be destroyed by the want for a halo battlefield game, vehicles will continue to play like shit, playlists will still be a mess, new poor functioning playlists will take precedence over mainstay playlists, movement abilities will be downplayed because now CoD use them less (due to negative reception) and the campaign will feel as disjointed to halo 4 and 5, as halo 5 did to halo 4. Despite this there will be advertisement that the game will be more true to its roots than ever before and that they learnt from their mistakes and wont make those mistakes again.
  12. https://www.twitch.tv/gamesdonequick top game on twitch right now
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