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  1. SINISTER is a newly started org and competitive team for Halo 5. Requirements: 1. Onix or higher 2. Age of at least 17 and above 3. Willing to travel into future events. These three requirements are mandatory. With that being said expect online practices that are flexible due to individual schudals but at the least 2 days a week team practice. SINISTER is a team looking for dedication and hard work towards the art we need people to to meet up to expectation's For any contact info regarding info and tryouts message my personal gammer tag chokestr, our twiiter at SINISTER__GG or our email [email protected]
  2. Looking for skilled players with a experience as well. expect team training, Srims and going through theatre to improve on mistakes GT is Chokestr time zone eastern standard time
  3. Looking for full team or experienced players. My tag is Chokestr.
  4. My Gammer Tag Is Chokestr. I Would be interested in running with you guys if permitted. My activity is flexible so I have free time.
  5. My Gammer Tag is Chokestr for any Contact. I'm looking For a team or 3 Players looking to play Competitive E sports. Scrims all that. My schedule is pretty flexible. (Other free agents looking to team will be expected to try out first)
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