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  1. I think the reason h3 ranks felt so much harder and valuable was due to the rank locking. I remember getting stuck on level 48 for what felt forever. When you finally got to that 49 it felt lile you really accomplished something. Conversely losing it was terible. You could lose one game and go to 47 and then win the next 5 and not move.
  2. Splyce needs an in game leader. They are all amazing players but shooter adds a lot of composure and goes clutch when he needs to
  3. This would be a huge deal if it happened. Danoxides spot would have to be up in the air. My prediction if Danoxide gets dropped; straight swap for spartan or suspector
  4. Predictions for first player dropped and who will re place them? Im going wih Trippey to get dropped from LG for a second time the poor bastard and they will pick up El Town. LoL
  5. He said he never really liked penguin so made a change. IMO penguin was a great name! I dont follow him as much now that he is subzero
  6. Relegation is going to be very interesting at the end of this summer season
  7. I legitimately really enjoy the game. The old settings were terrible. But personally this is my favourite halo. Dont know why but it just is. I agree that there are not enough gametypes or maps though. Unfortunately i cant see anything new coming out. KOTH and oddball would have been awesome to see but obviously they just don't work on these maps
  8. Fuck destiny lets get behind halo Bungie was despised back during H3. Anyone remember? Halo 5 is in the best state it has ever been in game play wise. 343 are listening to pros. Bungie only ever supported casual players. Only reason halo was good competitvely was because of mlg. The game isnt the problem (minus the heavy aim) Its the popularity levels. Unfortunately there just isny enough interest at the moment. Im surprised they are even putting on events based on the turn outs so far. We got to get behind this game or it is going to disappear.
  9. nV were so resilient in the finals. So many times when it looked like they were getting destroyed and then manage to capitalise on a tiny mistake from OG that truth ct in particular
  10. So he simply finds ways to abuse whatever he can to win. Sounds like a smart player to me
  11. That PANDA vs Alg match was pretty hype. Love or hate him, when cratos is in a succesfull team he adds a lot of hype and controversy. Every league needs some villains. No offence to OG and Liquid and even NV. They are amazing teams and players. But there matches are just boring. Need some controversy and more rivalry. All we get is Frosty T bagging a logo. And im not saying all that trash talk from the old days was necessarily cool. But you cant deny it added to the intensity of the games. As a spectator that shit gets me going and makes me want to watch. The top teams atm are IMO...boring to watch. The best games have in the last few lans have been.. Splyce vs Str8 LG vs Splyce Panda Vd ALG TMMTs vs Str8
  12. OgNv Liquid Splyce Str8 LG CP TBD EG going to struggle due to limited practice. Commonly to have a solid tournament and proves he still a pro. Danoxide to have a breakout tournament OG still ahead of all teams
  13. Does anyone think snipedowns video is similar to the frame rate issues on some forge maps? Just on a much much smaller scale? Could the issues in forge and heavy aiming be linked? Obviously the shit on forge maps was way more obvious..
  14. As much as i dont want to agree...in a professional sense you are correct. But i also want my cake and eat it too...i want str8 and i want elamite and T2!!!!
  15. Have there ever been any succesfull pros that play on 9 or 10 sens?
  16. Not a fan of ghost as a caster...wish we had t2 and elamite but after str8 gate we kind of ruined that for ourselves hey
  17. Lol, everyone hated bungie. You think 343 are bad with the competitive community? Bungie were so much worse. 343 have pushed for a pro league World championships. Tried team arena (competitive settings for all) and when that finally didnt work they have made a playlist for us. Bungie catered for the casual gamer. Go on bungie.net and mlg was a thing you would get banned for talking about. If halo 3 didnt have mlg theres absolutely no chance halo would have been a competitive game
  18. Snipedown has been playing really well online. Looks like he is in control of every game. Interested to see if nV can turn up on LAN
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