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  1. Do you enjoy not understanding the nuance of game design and having T R A D E O F F S for power weapons? oh..okay.. never mind. reading through the rest of this i see you've already answered my question
  2. yeah sure discount how much NV had to play leading up to a 4.5 hour series..
  3. i certainly do at least, for the record my feelings on frank are relatively neutral, larrydavid.gif It's just something i was curious about, and surprised none of the people who are more, uh, passionate about this topic, brought it up
  4. yeah i hear you on the people trying to bait it. perfectly reasonable not to share. thanks for the answer @343 take a lesson
  5. do you think Optic loses the first bo7 if Snakebite isn't sick? genuinely curious, i'm kinda in between personally
  6. i don't really care either way, but i haven't seen it brought up yet so this seems like a good time to ask. I've seen you say you banned Cooper permanently after numerous bans. How many more bans does it take until Frank's become 'numerous' and thus, he is rewarded with a permanent ban?
  7. It goes down in an hour right? I wonder how long "Later this week" will be
  8. If he lays low people bitch because he's hiding if he doesn't lay low, people bitch that he isn't hiding Jesus.
  9. and Str8 skins. Got my hoodie before i got Str8 skins, that's wack. Skins shouldn't be this hard to add. 343 is missing a huge market with them.
  10. I hoped it'd have everything, glad it does, not surprised it's a 'local server' limitation. Do we know if the Devbox "LAN" solution is one 343 came up with on their own? if it is they really should have been able to have the API work with that, you bring up a great point though, it may not have even been on a requirements doc for the devs working on the Devbox "LAN", 343 Management strikes again?
  11. i haven't bothered to ever look at Halo's API buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut 343 could certainly make it so the API has everything we'd need to automate something like that. And if it already has all the pertinent method calls then i'd guess there's a 'local server' limitation (or laziness) that prevents this from already existing with LAN events. I'm not sure if it's an incorrect perception of mine, but it always seems like data could be handled/tracked better (first party support that is, the places like HDH are just crazy awesome)
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