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  1. Can someone please invite "Alex890x" to the preview program?
  2. YOU ARE WRONG. Have you seen the population for Reach and Halo 4? Hmm..guess not huh. There's a reason reach and Halo 4 had a low population especially Halo 4. There's a reason for that. If mostly everyone preferred all that CoD and Titanfall crap in those games then Halo 4 wouldnt have averaged 25k LOL, oh and reach averaging 80k
  3. This might be the first halo I might not buy unless it goes back to it's core like Halo 1-3
  4. HALO 5 IS DAD nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  5. With these team announcements, I still wonder why Optic Halo haven't actually competed yet with ALL 4 of their members there, especially pistola. But, I'm glad to see Str8 Rippin again even though T2 isn't competing unfortunately.

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