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  1. Lets be honest, we all know mikeface's career was over as soon as he betrayed PJ.
  2. My school makes us use lenovo pc's, if you can download a portable version of chromium you can set a proxy up through the browser itself. If your school's program is anything like mine they probably block you from downloading programs and what not so use the portable version to get around that.
  3. thank god, I was afraid it couldn't be bought with req points. These helmets look amazing!
  4. plz tell me that I don't have to pay for the new classic helmets... What else am I supposed to do with 214354135436554343142341 req points???
  5. Currently at school and I'm about an hour away from Burbank. With the quality of the venue being what it is i'd rather enjoy the tournament gameplay from home. That will be the only good part about the event anyway. Edit: I should pay more attention in class, my sentence was incoherent.
  6. Of course this happens to EG during their first match. #LifeIsTow Edit: maybe life isnt tow after all.
  7. Butters is really finding his groove now, this is fun to watch.
  8. Butters praising Bubu for using the suppressed AR and camo combo... I'm triggered
  9. I received a shoutout from Axeltoss on stream... this is it, I've made it fam!
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