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  1. Every year my buddies and I would head up to my family cabin in Lake Tahoe to have a gaming week. There is no internet, phone, tv, cell service, or any other modern convenience. Other than running water and electricity, we were completely off the grid. There was something refreshing about being that remote where no wives, girlfriends, responsibilities etc. could get a hold of you. Nothing but uninterrupted gaming. Of course LAN has been taken away from so many games now on the Xbox ONE that we don't even bother going up anymore. This is just another new game that would be awesome to LAN up there that we won't be able to. Balls
  2. These videos are legit entertaining, thanks for the content dude
  3. Definitely worth coming out of the lurk cave to express how my face has melted off with excitement! Wasn't planning on dropping much coin on H5 accessories, but that may change if it helps the prize pools.
  4. I thoroughly enjoyed inviting new players to play 8v8 CTF on Blood Gulch and convincing them the Assualt Rifle was far more powerful than the pistol and see how many games it took for them to catch on. And then 2v2 Warhog basketball on Blood Gulch. Turn grenades to infinite, switch to stickies, and attempt to get your warthog into the opening in the ceiling of the base by sticking it with a buddy before the other team does. So much fun
  5. Man it's refreshing to have some content like this coming from a pro. Maybe address in your videos what's been suggested before like your halo background, personal stuff you feel comfortable sharing, some stories involving other pros outside of the game etc. Btw, how's that new chair you got? Great content Prototype, keep it up
  6. Bumpity bump bump. Did anyone play Alpha? I got a couple games in and it was pretty fun regardless that no other players had mics. Played as both monster and the different hunters.
  7. Never stop making videos Snipetality... like ever. So sick
  8. I'm currently playing through Dark Souls, the first one that was a free download a month or two ago. Lots of fun and while challenging, it makes every victory rewarding. Definitely picking up Dark Souls 2. The XB1 will continue to have to wait.
  9. The grumpy old school gamer in me wants everyone fighting over power ups, power weapons, and map control using teamwork and communication with the exact same starting weapons... but now with the MC kit and my beloved Halos back, I could almost see something like you are talking about working. I must apologize for my horribly non in-depth answer but it's been a long day at work and my face melted with happiness when I recently watched the Dumb and Dumber to trailer.
  10. Having to wait for this game sucks, I'm getting so amped to play this.
  11. Damn, I would definitely go if I didn't live all the way over here in Nevada. Love lanning Halo. Hope you get a great turn out.
  12. I apologize for piggy backing on your thread Denni, but does anyone have Flag Madness on Skybox gametype and map on their fileshare for H3? After watching some Ogre2 H3 stream, I've been desperately wanting to play that. edit: Nevermind, I was able to get it off of Towey's fileshare in case anyone else was searching for them.
  13. Like Hitman said, melees are boring and the outcome is already decided for you depending on who's up shots in today's Halo. I just liked having the option to duck a dude's BXR and BXB him in the junk. The lack of options in the melee realm is something that if anything, need to addressed.
  14. The white background looks soft enough and not seeing the Pokeman card layout is a step in the right direction.
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