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  1. I know people have been getting dragged for whining about CSR/MMR, but I think there may be *some* merit to it: https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/8qjla3/mmr_may_not_be_functioning_as_intended_w/ I have no issue with more accurate or less inflated ranks. But I did find the case of the Doubles MMR going down (and firmly in diamond) despite a 80% win rate striking.
  2. I am very aware of his resume and I have read his Waypoint updates. I don't say what I did lightly because he obviously is a very bright dude and he does make an active effort to address the community. And yeah, I'm doubling down despite knowing all of that. He's very consistently asking questions he should have known the answer to years ago. It screams that he is in "the lab" and doesn't have a grasp on how his systems play. His Halo ranking systems have been exploited using the same methods for years across multiple games- I suspect because, in part, we're not dealing with Starcraft or COD population numbers- but there never are any substantial changes to fix the errors. A great example, as I mentioned, is his old solo searching vs To4 win rate comment. No, he shouldn't cater to only the top 5% and I didn't suggest as much. Yes, he should have a better grasp on the nuances that bronze play =/= platinum play =/= onyx play. The only concrete changes made recently are to tighten tier bracketing, which I believe is counterproductive when you can no longer fill all of the necessary Champion slots and when presumably the players you retain are on the more skilled areas of the distribution. It's negative feedback to the player who doesn't understand he's the "same skill" he/she was prior but instead slipping in rank because the population shrunk, and more importantly it is not useful feedback. There are many reasons why a game's population drops- and from my narrow experience with the people I play(ed) with, his systems contribute. In a vacuum, I do not doubt that his new system can do the +/- 0.4 kill/min predictions he claims. And I'm sure he's awesome designing the guts of that stuff. But when you have every other tweet or forum thread he addresses be about smurfs, or why a diamond 4 is actually a H3 50 and people don't need to lose their mind if they match a platinum or an onyx player because they are only 5% away on the bell curve- then you need to address your implementation because you aren't providing useful feedback. I don't know if his roles have expanded, but he felt comfortable enough to reply to Jimbo about server selection in a game with 7 EU players and the server being East US (side note: get an in-game ping counter). If it's not obvious that is a completely sub-optimal solution, then yes, I feel comfortable critiquing him.
  3. Menke's Twitter interactions w/ Jimbo/Mikwen/Vetoed in the last 24 hours are making me SMH. He's obviously a bright guy, obviously a numbers guy, and increasingly obvious he doesn't grasp how his systems work in real world environments. He should know, whether he plays or not. The Halo systems he has touched have been exploited to hell, all the way back to Strongside dodging his way to a custom truck, and there have never been the necessary fixes to address any of it. Soft season "resets" have always been a mistake. Just winging it as to when a season starts/ends looks lazy. The company line that they don't see changes in win rates searching solo vs To4 may be true globally, but no way it holds true at the high end, and it boggles my mind they don't understand that. MM solo is pure purgatory right now, and because of it I have to search solo more often (or more frequently, not at all). Yes, it's difficult to implement systems in a 2+ year old game with a low pop, but sometimes the system is part of the cause. If you can't fix a problem in 1 month, let alone 6, in today's world- it needs to go back to the drawing board.
  4. I didn't think there was anything to it - which makes the Ellis response all the more annoying.
  5. Like one total? Which I state and then say if the assumption is wrong it's a really good reason not to be cryptic. I dunno. Doesn't seem like a hard one to connect the dots.
  6. I'm sure the outward facing portions of their jobs are absolutely miserable, but the passive aggressiveness Ellis, Menke, and Grim show with their tweets and RTs are hot trash. The lack of perspective is increasingly frustrating. Assuming this is related to Neighbor's tweet- his reply is substantially less professional (if you could even consider Neighbor's hashtag unprofessional). If it's not related, it's an excellent lesson on why not to be cryptic on social media. *Removed since apparently the reply isn't about Neighbor and no point letting the idea spread. Rest of my complaint stands. Be better. Have higher standards. If you have to be cryptic about your whining, you probably shouldn't be posting it in the first place.
  7. Glad to hear it- I tried a bit earlier in the evening but only had one person join after 30 min. Unfortunately, the friends list is pretty barren now.
  8. I figured that other people have done that before, and I don't really envision a reality where they are taken out of Halo in the future- so I'm working within those parameters. I'm more indifferent to abilities than some, and appreciate some of the movement some people can pull off. That said, shoulder charge should be neutered by the sprint change. I don't have expectations this takes off- this was just an outlet as I've become increasingly frustrated with matchmaking. Increasing movement and making sprint "neutral" feels far more compelling to me than balancing a sandbox with 25 weapons.
  9. Any and all feedback is appreciated: I have been playing around with game settings, with the constraints of keeping all abilities in the game. I used @@Sitri 's Gold Pro settings as a foundation. I imagine there have been multiple future iterations, and it's completely possible what I'm purposing isn't remotely new. Currently coining it Spartan-II settings for the "lore nerds." Magnum (extended magazine) loadout 120% movement speed 130% forward acceleration 130% strafe acceleration 80% sprint speed - This makes sprint speed ~= the modified base movement speed. The motivation is to transition sprint into purely a "precursor state" for other movement skills (boost slides and jumps), with no other movement advantage. Shield recharge while sprinting on - I put this back on since sprinting becomes more neutral (I hope). Ability tracker radar 130% assassination speed No splinter grenade pickup Rather than hopelessly waiting in MM lobbies this evening, I will try to run a no timer, unlimited scoring lobby to see if anyone bites. File share if anyone wants to dl or improve: Slayer FFA CTF Strongholds Assault BTB (Oddball is in my file share as well, was not updated on Waypoint)
  10. Watching Ninja's stream, it's surprising how many mechanics or features in the game they either do not understand and/or agree on.
  11. This is a half-baked idea, but I will throw it out there. Perhaps wrong forum, but looks like convo has devolved enough... I've been reading a lot about "outrage overload" and how that makes it incredibly difficult to convince anyone of your argument, regardless of merit- certainly think that is very relevant here. However, with a pivot, I think Beyond could still drive some change. Hold off on the the current format Astro FFA, 2v2, etc. tourneys. Run only Evolved settings, or some variation. Make it a weekly pro team series, best of 11. Or make it pick up teams, and sprinkle in an up-and-comer or two on each side. Have each team pick a charity, 75/25 split goes to the winner's choice. Donation buttons on the stream, try and get the pros to commit to a portion of their individual stream donations. Keep the games kind of loose, less sweat, more laughs. Drive some eyes towards no-sprint, etc. and do some good at the same time.
  12. I understand the argument against having too many playlists, but I... 1) enjoy collecting top tier ranks across playlists, whether they be 50s, onyxs, etc. 2) also don't want to go through another Halo w/ unranked 2v2 or FFA, so don't give anyone any ideas (even if you backed away from that extreme) Give a solo queue and offer some rank incentive bling and I'd be perfectly happy despite what other warts remain.
  13. Not against this at all, but ranking system and reward system would need to change. As is, particularly since CSR only soft resets, too many players drop off around week 2. I'm actually glad they shortened it to 1 month in its current form. Population can't sustain longer. Shifting away from gameplay, this game needs arena trophies. At least baseball card stats. I don't care if it's shallow, giving rank exclusive flair and having a Tower-esqe social area (the Infinity for example) to show it off would be huge. This series is long enough, and enough past info is already hidden on Waypoint- 343 could make Service Records and individual Spartans matter to the types still grinding Destiny every day.
  14. @@NavG123 find any Guinea pigs to see if CSR is still borked after the season reset?
  15. Or, maybe, Infinity and Moa aren't shitbags and were actually trying to build the community by helping active players and forum members who wanted the armor get in by dropping people would obviously wouldn't care. A "grown man", to quote Cooper, would have handled this in PMs a long time ago. Definitely would have helped more than scorched earth.
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